Anthony Glenn


Anthony Glenn is 44 years old pedagogue psychologist and author of "Mental Hygiene: How To Change Your Mind."
Author has been traveling and working in different professional fields around the world for a long time where was researching how a style of life in different countries and environments influenced a mental condition of a human.
The favorite Anthony's quotes are "Dreams are today's answers to tomorrows questions" and "We are what we think we are."
Author says that he is a person whom one day decided to change his mind and made his dreams come true.
In his book, Anthony shares his experiences with you and hopes they will work for you too.

Books by Anthony Glenn

Mental Hygiene: How To Change Your Mind - Book cover

Why happiness is a choice you make. How to change your beliefs and the skills for changing them. How and when to use positive affirmations. How to choose what to think and how to feel.
How to set up a positive mindset and make the power of habit work for you. How to forgive and boost your self-esteem. How and why to step out of your comfort zone. How to prevent stress and anxiety and, in this way, avoid depression.