Beatrice Sand


I'm a self-publishing author and I live in a tiny little forest-rich village in the Netherlands. I'm not one of those writers who always dreamt of writing stories from an early age, I just loved reading them. I still do, but now I also like writing them. I started to write the first book of The Ambrosia Trilogy when my niece told me there was nothing better than reading about gorgeous vampires. That was all the encouragement and challenge I needed and now I can say: writing - especially a sexy, dangerous and thrilling romance - is an addiction and I don't understand why I didn't start earlier.

I hope you'll laugh, cry and ... well, I want you to feel all the emotions when reading The Ambrosia Trilogy, because then my job is done!

To all of you I want to say: thank you so much for spending your time on reading my books, or if you're planning to do so. It makes me smile and it makes me want to write so much more, because let's be honest, we all love to read about thrilling romances, don't we?

All the best for you and enjoy!



Books by Beatrice Sand

When 17-year-old Laurel Harper decides to go live with her estranged father and stepfamily, she’s unaware of the fact that her fate was already sealed the day she was born. It’s not until she meets the proud and mysterious Sam Laurens that she feels something strange is going on.

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