A Collection of Poetry: Matters of the Heart, Revealed

by Robin M. Bellamy US United States
April 27, 2010
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A Collection of Poetry: Matters of the Heart, Revealed (Book Cover)"A Collection of Poetry: Matters of the Heart, Revealed", a deeply personal poetry collection by Bellamy, brings together a lifetime of work by the pensive author; a kaleidoscopic mix of lyrical gems that touches on the many sides of life with stunning depth and sensitivity. The themes of this sterling volume are truly an eclectic mix, providing Bellamy a diverse layout of avenues to showcase her infectious optimism, delicate sensitivity, and philosophical depth — and she succeeds spectacularly in this volume. The result is a poetry collection like no other; one that strongly warrants a slot in every poetry enthusiast's collection.

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Dear Humanmade,
Since you promoted my books on your website I have noticed a marked increase in sales.  Since I have not recently done any other promotional activity, I have to assume that this renewed interest is directly attributable to Humanmade. I simply want to express my gratitude once more and to thank you for the work you do.
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