Emotional Agility: How to Develop Communication Skills Without Stress

Improving Relationships in The Family and at Work, Influencing People and Managing Emotions
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January 4, 2018

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Emotional Agility: How to Develop Communication Skills Without Stress - Book coverDo you want to be accepted, heard and understood?

Oh sure! Since the days of Dale Carnegie, little has changed in the principles of human communication.

But our life has changed incredibly. Modern technology, fashionable gadgets and stuff absorb most of our time and attention. We have learned to communicate with computers, and sometimes it works better for us than anything else. However, we all also live among people and the ability to find a common language with others, today become more relevant than before. In the new book of Anna Gilmore you will not find "100 keys to successful communication", but you can better understand the people with whom you live and work.

It will be easier for you to react to circumstances that you can not change so that you can:

be more positive in communicating with people

become the best interlocutor

be more hospitable and increase your influence on people

increase popularity

be more productive

get new customers


Buy the book of Anne Gilmore «EMOTIONAL AGILITY: How to Develop Communication Skills Without Stress. Book 2» and take the first step!

Author's Note: 

Managerial experience Anne Gilmore allowed her to organize seminars and courses on people management, leadership, corporate training. She is invited by American and European companies for training "Leadership," "Human Resource Management," "Negotiations."
Anne received a Master of Science degree from Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA, and completed numerous management development programs.

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