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A look at what it takes to parent a child with the end-goal of raising a well-rounded, happy adult. This book looks at each stage of development from Birth, Toddlers, Young Children, to Teenagers and Young Adults and how to focus on happiness and your child’s well-being while handling some of each age groups unique developmental challenges.


Mindset of the Happy - Book cover
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Live to Tell is a gripping testimony from Sonita Zainal of bone true facts and emotional recollections; designed to show the world how even when only a young girl, from age five; for four years, with amazing grit and determination, she could endure and survive the horrendous Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia – eventually escaping through jungle infested landmines to United Nations refugee camps in Thailand.


Live to Tell - Book cover
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Chinese is fast becoming one of the most popular languages to learn in the world. Unfortunately, as languages go, it is a hard one to learn. Chinese comes from a completely different family of languages than English, and makes learning French, or German, or Spanish look easy by comparison.


I want to speak Chinese...NOW! - Book cover
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Planning to go vegetarian? Do you have qualms about this idea? This is your first steps to a healthier lifestyle! I have learned a lot over the course of 10 years living a vegetarian lifestyle. For this reason, I have decided to write this book and give you indispensable tips about this lifestyle. The information contained in this book will inspire and motivate you to stay clear of any negative energy about vegetarianism.


Vegetarian for Everyone. Make sure yourself! - Book cover
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Despite being widely available anywhere anything is sold, sugar is one of the most deadly and addictive substances on the planet. If you know, or merely suspect, that this insidious killer is taking control of your life, then nothing comes handier than I Need to Quit Sugar: Stop Sugar Addiction to Live a Longer, Healthier and Happier Life. It doesn't matter how deep you have drowned into the addiction, but it all depends on your willingness and the focus you put towards achieving the purpose.


I Need to Quit Sugar - Book cover
by / UA Ukraine

This book was created to teach regular people how to work with the mystical Tarot cards and change their life for the better – not to mention starting a fascinating new hobby, which can transform into something bigger with time. There is no right or wrong way of interpreting the cards. Each situation and each person are unique.


Tarot for Beginners: Introduction to the Mysteries - Book cover
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If I tell you that we're dead now, no less than ever, you probably will not accept that. True, if you ask me if I'm alive, I will say without any hesitation, "yes!" However, this is only because we, humankind, created such a reality in which; if I'm breathing and my heart beats, I am considered alive, but this conclusion comes from the assumption that I'm a thinking person who has knowledge about the body, life, and death.


To Live Is To Die First - Book cover
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As Nazi Swastikas blight the landscape of most of Europe during World War II, Simone de Cruzel, a 19-year-old socialite living on the French Riviera and daughter of a Provincial Court Judge, is a spy for the British with the code name of "SISTER." At the same time, she takes to the streets with a rifle in hand as a member the French Resistance, fighting against her country's occupiers. After many successful missions, her identity is compromised.


Because of You, We Live! - Book Cover
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SFC Jared Monti sacrificed himself attempting not once but three times to rescue one of his squad members from the “kill zone” after his patrol came under attack by insurgents on a mountain in Afghanistan. He declared, “He’s my guy. I’m going to get him.” In doing so, Jared was able to draw enemy fire away from the rest of the patrol and buy time for air support to arrive. Upon suffering a direct hit from an RPG, the 30-year-old recited the “Lord’s Prayer” as he lay dying.


See You on the High Ground - Book Cover
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Do you want to be successful, but you don’t know how? What if I told you that you can be successful using just one skill?A skill that allows you to get amazing results and also enjoy life. I’m talking about productivity. All successful people are very, very productive. They don’t spend time and energy on useless things. Now is the best time to learn how to be more productive and efficient and finally how to be successful.


Manage Your Productivity - Book Cover


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Pianist in a Bordello

Pianist in a Bordello (book) by Mike C. Erickosn
by Mike C. Erickosn