Pierre François: 5th Grade Mishaps

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by Lori Ann Stephens US United States
March 15, 2018
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Pierre François: 5th Grade Mishaps - Book coverTen-year-old Pierre François—otherwise known as Pierre the Fantastic Flying Fish and Pierre the Genius Brain—is an expert at signing his school papers with original names. He’s also good at extolling the greatness of France, using weird words like “extolling,” dissecting owl vomit, and avoiding The Stinky Chair in math class. What he’s not good at is a foolproof bladder. Accidents happen, although this is Top Secret information. So when it’s time for the entire fifth grade to go to Adventure Camp, a two-night trip in the wilderness, Pierre would rather complain about the fifth grade meanies, dream of mastering the spelling bee with Jedi skills, and devise ways to meet the fascinating new girl in school. But Adventure Camp is coming for him, along with a wet and icy cold front. Can Pierre muster all his courage and wit to survive nature’s onslaught of ice, rain, and other liquid fiascos?

Author's Note: 

Pierre François was inspired in equal parts by my Francophile son (French father, American mother), by the entire collection of Calvin & Hobbes, and by the incredible mid-20th century children's series called Nicholas. Pierre François: 5th Grade Mishaps follows Pierre's daily routine--his suddenly complicated social life and his moments of pride and shame. Remember the school spelling bee? That heart-thumping first crush? The indignity of being framed by school meanies? The desolation of a lonely recess? The triumph of winning? That first exhilarating camping trip? It's all here in Pierre François's 5th Grade Mishaps. The I hope you enjoy following along with him!

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