Reflections of a Ruby Pendant

by PE Peru
April 23, 2017
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Reflections of a Ruby Pendant - Book coverHolly Ferguson wasn’t expecting adventure, mystery, romance and magic, but that’s exactly what she got.
On what is supposed to be a relaxing vacation to Paradise Island, Bahamas, Holly is gifted with a fascinating golden ruby pendant found by Mateo, a young man linked to the islands who captures her heart.
However, when Holly dons the jewel, she is propelled back in time through a series of dreams that find her imprisoned in the body of Jamayla, a young Spanish girl, captured by Blackbeard and despised by his pirate witch, Sylvia.
Holly and Mateo engage the help of Mula, an old island Native who is familiar with the ancient ways of magic, to assist with solving the strange mystery of the Ruby Pendant!

Author's Note: 

I have been ghostwriting for 8 years with numerous books published by clients. I decided to write my own novel under my name which I have been working on part-time for 2 years. Reflections of a Ruby Pendant is the outcome of that effort. I enjoy writing various genres and this book is a mix of adventure, romance and mystery. I have started my next book entitled Practical Joker with a target release date of July 2017 which is a comedy suspense thriller.

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