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by Harald Pedersen / DK Denmark

By reading this book you will learn about the history and religion of the Norse, the background to their beliefs and become familiar with the Nordic gods. This book lets you find out about the numerous gods such as Thor, Odin, Loki the Valkyries and learning about their origins and legends. You will learn the fantastic and gloomy fate of Ragnarok, and what it meant for the Norse gods and humans.


by James M. Becher / US United States

I contend that God has several principles, which if followed can lead to success either in business or in life itself, and that although many of these same principles may be found among the motivational speakers and thinkers of today, that they were originally derived from Holy Scripture, whether or not these modern spokespersons are aware of it.


by Agnes Bodi / GB United Kingdom

Many of us struggle to find purpose in our lives. Reconnecting to your authentic self—to your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies—can help you find the meaning you seek. In one hour, this book can help you take your first steps to self-improvement through a series of techniques that focus on understanding your inner self and your interaction with the universe.


by Nanyamka Boyer / US United States

"With the Lord you will always feel adored, wanted and special, because you are His most treasured and valued possession!" A book that will whet your appetite for the Lord Jesus, as you learn from Nanyamka's own personal experiences in her walk with God and teachings from the Lord by her close relationship with Him, about His faithfulness, His unchanging and unconditionally love for you!


by Ted Roberts / US United States

In the beginning... God, indeed, created wondrous things, had He not? ... Colossians 1:16a "For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, VISIBLE and INVISIBLE..." Yes, the invisible side of the creation, of what natural man and even science cannot see ... The invisible side of creation was made along with, and at the same time, as the natural creation − and even today is still being used to convert new Christian souls over to God!


by Jimi Akanbi / US United States

In this book, the author reveals different ways to receive miracles and blessings from God. You will learn one key benefit, which can rob you of your miracles and blessings, if stolen by the enemy. You will understand why the salvation of an individual is the greatest miracle ever performed in the history, present and future of mankind.


by Nanyamka Boyer / US United States

In a dream, in a vision of the night, the Lord told Nanyamka: "Keep your focus on me and not on your circumstances!" In this book, Nanyamka and her children share some of their personal encounters with the Lord Jesus through visions they have had in their dreams about Heaven, Hell, Satan, and the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior.


by Ann Marie Ruby / US United States

This is a prayer book for all race, color, and religion. May all unite for there is one Creator and we are the creation. This book contains 98 prayers and is not affiliated with any religion. May this be an inspirational friend throughout your journey of life. This is a prayer book for all race, color, and religion. May all unite for there is one Creator and we are the creation.


by Antoine C. Boyd / US United States

The story is told of a father giving advice to his two adolescent children while they are preparing a family meal. They have a phenomenal new recipe to try as well as a deep conversation about personal finance. The father answers several questions the teenagers have regarding money management, retirement plans, debt, and a few other things that are relevant to the subject.


by Alexander Blum / US United States

The incarceration of an innocent man is recounted by a lost millennial seeking meaning and spiritual affirmation in this harrowing, cosmic tale of redemption.



A Random Book

Her Heart for the Asking

by Lisa Mondello