Science and Democracy Reviews.

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May 26, 2018

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Science and Democracy Reviews. - Book coverFrom about the turn of the millenium, I decided to educate myself with some of the more conscientious tracts on popular physics, mainly. Consequently, some of these reviews were over-the-top content-wise. A long manifest of works considered is included in the blurb.

Being also into democracy, which is something of the ethical sister to scientific progress, I twinned these complementary subjects in this one book.

In the middle, I grafted my strong feelings against nuclear fission, in a series of essays, written prophetically before the Fukushima disasters. No matter how it was played down, as Feynman said: "Nature cannot be fooled." Which is to say the consequences cannot be wished-away by looking the other way.

Author's Note: 

Science and Democracy Reviews, following Literary Liberties, was the second in my Commentary series of books. They are an arts-sciences complement to each other.
No author is the only pebble on the beach. And it is good for the soul to appreciate the efforts of other authors, albeit ones already sanctioned by the traditional paper-print publishing houses, before I even had the opportunity to self-publish electronically!

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