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Take a journey through the murky world of mobile app development. Advertise This! is a colourful account of the harsh realities faced by the individual in a world dominated by corporate power. Based on the author’s own experience of seeking to find a foothold in the mobile games industry, a foothold which was then taken away and denied for no good reason, the insights and conclusions reached apply equally to the wider digital world, and have very real implications for society in general.


Advertise This! - Book cover
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Sa and Sa unveils the journey of software professionals. Sa and Sa Unveil this journey, they show how the software industry works, people, organization, expectations, behaviours etc.
Key thing we are trying to convey is to learn everyday, develop your skills and help share the knowledge.


BUGman: Cubicle Life & Beyond (book) by Santosh Avvannavar
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PCB reverse-engineering is a skill that requires more than just an acquaintance with electronics. We're not talking about recreating the PCB artwork here, but the schematic diagram itself. To the uninitiated, it is a difficult if not impossible undertaking reserved only for the determined and qualified.

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With the software industry becoming more and more competitive, organizations are now integrating delivery automation and automated quality assurance practices into their business model. By Mastering Jenkins and build pipelines readers can gain insights into the diverse software delivery ecosystem. Mastering Jenkins represents the amalgamation of over a decades worth of research. Mastering Jenkins is available in paperback and kindle e-book editions.


Mastering Jenkins (book) by Jonathan McAllister
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If you’re a tech savvy person then it's not a big problem to determine which of the television streaming sticks is the best choice for your personal needs. For people who aren’t so tech savvy, aren't sure of their needs, have no familiarity with these devices, it will be difficult to comparison shop for a TV streaming stick.


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Strengths: Simplified Interview Structures, Best Hiring, Misconception to Programming. Weakness: Addiction to Software Industry, Best Software Engineer, Steep Career Growth. Opportunities: Dream Job, Best Ways to Learn, Be a part of Best Companies. Threats: Sleepless Night, Software Syndrome, Neighbours Envy.


Get a Job WITHOUT an Interview - book cover
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Award winning artist Darren Cannell shares some of his art secrets. If you are interested in learning to draw on a tablet, iPad or android then this is the e-book for you. A step by step instructional guide on how to produce art in a digital format. Try it you will be shocked at how much the digital medium can be used to express yourself.


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The real-world guide to securing Cisco-based IP telephony applications, devices, and networks. Cisco IP telephony leverages converged networks to dramatically reduce TCO and improve ROI. However, its critical importance to business communications and deep integration with enterprise IP networks make it susceptible to attacks that legacy telecom systems did not face.


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88 SnippTips - eighty-eight tips aka mini lessons keeping the consciousness on a high level in the business arena.


88 SnippTips ... for the Snippetpreneur's Heart! (book image did not load)
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After a great acceptance of previous two books "Automobile electronics & 4-stroke engines" and "Automobile technology", automobile technicians showed further interest for detailed explanation of vehicles diagnostics, usage of diagnostics equipment, interpretations of trouble codes, possibilities of ECU/ECM repair, etc. All this is explained in this new book “Car diagnostics”.


Car Diagnostics step by step (book) by Radovan Marin


A Random Book

Sins of the Fathers

Sins of the Fathers - Book cover
by A.J. McCarthy