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January 20, 2016
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The One-Eyed King (book) by Kenny S. RichA novel that will change the way you see blind people.
Tell me, when was the last time you spoke to a blind person?
Better yet, when was the first time you spoke to a blind person?
I invite you to meet the blind, like you've never seen them before:
In the future, a nuclear war, perpetrated by a ruling entity known as 'The ARK,' has devastated Earth, laying over half the planet to waste. To combat it, a blind warrior recruits a sightless orphaned boy with special powers to help him build a mystic army--the 'All-Seeing Army' of blind warriors.

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The One-Eyed King (book) by Kenny S. Rich
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- Linie Sherrod  MX  author of  NED, MEL and Peanut Butter Cup