The Scarecrow

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June 24, 2010

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The ScarecrowWhat if the greatest evil is created by someone completely innocent? All she ever wanted was to help out the people that lived on the harsh world known as Colony 14. Plant life was nearly non-existent and nobody dared to live far away from the cities. Being asked to create a device that would in theory save the world was an easy decision for her. It was too bad though that she was unknowingly tricked, instead of helping the population of the Colony; she was in fact the creator of the most feared object in the known universe. The device that could wipe out entire planets, the device known to all as...The Scarecrow Welcome to Colony 14, the first book in The Scarecrow Saga.

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The Scarecrow
Brian O'HareDear Humanmade,

Since you promoted my books on your website I have noticed a marked increase in sales.  Since I have not recently done any other promotional activity, I have to assume that this renewed interest is directly attributable to Humanmade. I simply want to express my gratitude once more and to thank you for the work you do.
author of A Spiritual Odyssey and The Doom Murders