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by / AG Antigua and Barbuda

Are you where you want to be in life? Do you ever feel as though there is something holding you back from the life you know you were meant to live? Are you living with feelings of frustration and resentment because you have settled so many times for less than you deserve? This life-changing new book will equip, inspire, and encourage you to overcome a self-defeating mindset and toxic emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, anger, low self-esteem, jealousy, and much more through the power of God’s Word.


A DIAMOND OUT OF THE ROUGH (book) by Linda Gibson
by / GB United Kingdom

Set in 1997, America are about to elect the first African American President. Gideon is the man who makes the difference when he tears the dark veil from the face of white supremacy after he is sent undercover to discover what the KKK have planned ...


Raw Nerve (book) by Tim Rees
by / US United States

Everyone has an opinion on everything that come in contact with. Opinions are views and judgements on something or someone that is not true, but neither false. All opinions matter and different. If everyone thought the same thing we would not be individuals. In this short story, you will get a chance to have your opinions base on other people's opinions and stories. You will learn about things that are true and what people believe to be true.


Opinions (book) by A.J. Wright
by / US United States

This is the true story of girl named Nicole Thomas who describes living in a home with family as hell. It discusses her feelings and the events that took place during her time there.


Three months in hell (book) by A.J. Wright.
by / US United States

Anger is a feeling that creates energy in your body and mind. Once you feel anger creeping up, you either leap into action or sit and plot out your revenge. Rather than directing your anger towards something without value, it would serve you best to redirect and leverage that fireball of energy towards something greater.


The Valuable Anger (book) by Jessica Jones
by / US United States

Come along on an epic adventure of a lifetime when a curious little girls’ mother tells her that she gets one more question before she has to go to bed. The little girl asks her do monsters have birthdays? Mom is too sleepy to answer and puts the little girl to bed. Before the little girl falls asleep a silly monster comes from under her bed and takes her on an unforgettable journey answering all of her questions in a way she could never imagine!


Do Monsters Have Birthdays? (book) by Jasmine Williams
by / SG Singapore

This book is about marriage from a Christian perspective. It is written in a succinct style with eight pages allotted to each chapter, listed as follows: 1. Happiness or Holiness? 2. The Marriage Partnership 3. The Sanctity of Sex 4. The Family Altar 5. The Language of Love 6. Marriage @ Work 7. The Mystery of Marriage 8. Putting the Pieces Together 9. Salt and Pepper

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The Marriage Puzzle (book) by Keng Tiong (KT) and Bernice Pua
by / US United States

In Paris, 1888, the city prepares for the Exposition Universelle and the new Eiffel Tower swiftly rises on the bank of the Seine. One August morning, the sunrise reveals the embellished corpse of a young man suspended between the columns of the Panthéon, resembling a grotesque Icarus and marking the first in a macabre series of murders linked to Paris monuments.


The Eighth Day Brotherhood (book) by Alice M. Phillips
by / US United States

The Sebastian Chronicles is a series of 5 Erotic Paranormal Novelettes that will take you through each century since Sebastian Benoit’s Vampiric inception. In book one Sebastian, the beginning you learn why his maker Isabel chose him to be her mate. Isabel stalked Sebastian even going so far as to watch him satisfy his many lovers.


Sebastian, the beginning (book) by TL Travis
by / MX Mexico

What do scientists do? They start with a theory. Their goal is to prove that theory. This imaginative theory could be true! Everything that has ever been discovered or created by Man (or Woman) came from an idea, came from “imagination”.

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This Life of Ours (book) by Linie Sherrod


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