by M E Whiter / AU Australia

Sebastian is the tall, dark and very handsome CEO of Knight Enterprises. He’s haunted by a troubled past of his own making, or at least one he’s decided to take full responsibility over. According to him, it has sealed his fate, dooming him to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.


Shadows of Knight (book) by M E Whiter
by Brenda Kearns / CA Canada

Evelyn only wants one thing: To get through 6th grade at her new school without everyone finding out that her family is crazy—and there’s a zoo in their basement. When the most popular girl in school insists that Evelyn have a sleepover, it looks like Evelyn’s dream of being normal is about to be smashed.


Pyjamazoo (book) by Brenda Kearns
by Sierra Storm / US United States

This is the first book of The Exigency, a new young adult Kindle serial updated weekly! One night, Violet Miller is shocked to hear that her best friend Tristan was attacked by a Wendigo. He survived, but not before the saliva entered his bloodstream--meaning that he has already been turned.


Taken (book) by Sierra Storm
by Shane J. Downey / AU Australia

If you're new to information management and data projects then you might feel as though you don't know where to begin. This book is a back to basics approach to information and data management projects designed to deliver successful business outcomes.


One Data (book) by Shane J. Downey
by Abi Kay / GB United Kingdom

This is a truly touching and gripping story, and will have you hooked right from the start. The novel is set within the backdrop of the British legal industry. Isabel Harris and Edward Taylor are great colleagues but have no romantic inclination to each other whatsoever.


That Thing Called Love (book) by Abi Kay.
by Nikki Broadwell / US United States

When Summer McCloud realizes she is able to talk to ghosts she never expects to work on solving crimes. But hanging out with her new boyfriend, homicide detective Jerry Brady, she finds herself drawn into the death of a woman who is somehow linked to her.


Murder In Plain Sight (book) by Nikki Broadwell
by Silvia Villalobos / US United States

Imagine returning to your childhood hometown in the dead of winter to care for a sick mother, only to find a murdered best friend and a grave in the woods. Stranger or Friend, a mystery novel, will tote readers through a haunting tale of whodunit when big city lawyer Zoe Sinclair revisits her small town.


Stranger or Friend (book) by Silvia Villalobos
by Christopher C. ... / US United States

HAWTHORNE: Chronicles of the Brass Hand - Mystirio Astronomiki is the two-fisted tale of Edgar J. Hawthorne who in the summer of 1835, sets out on a journey to investigate claims of a fantastic discovery made by the Royal Observatory at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.


HAWTHORNE: Chronicles of the Brass Hand - Mystirio Astronomiki (book) by Christopher C. Meeker.
by Matt Bergles / US United States

Through the voices of Annabelle and Angus, discover what almost happened to wildlife on the Kansas prairie. When Larry receives a letter that says he must destroy the prairie dogs on his land, he and some of his neighbors join together to make certain that all wildlife remain unharmed.


Larry Saves the Prairie (book) by Matt Bergles
by Eileen Green / US United States

JC had led a life in the fast lane. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll were his friends. Trying to make a comeback after disappearing for a decade and a half, he wants to let the world know his talent is intact.


Between A Rock & A Porn Star (book) by Eileen Green


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