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by Kathleen Fields / US United States

This volume (#5) out of the series: "Dream Symbols: An Answer to Prayer?", presents various parts of the human body and their actions. The different sections include suggesting possible interpretations; using scriptures from the Bible that use the term, which may help with the interpretation, in addition there is a listing of the various body parts and actions of recognized common utilizations in today's world. By researching for the meaning of 'human body symbols' that we have remembered from our dreams, we just may find an a prayer.


Dream Symbols: An Answer to Prayer? 'Human Body' (Parts and Actions) - Book cover
by James Weston / GB United Kingdom

This is a diary of my 12 week stint in rehab, written at the time and in full graphic detail. The experiences of my rehabilitation process are unedited and give an insight into how the 12 step process led to my recovery from drug addiction. A narrative on love, obsession, insanity and redemption. This book gives insight into the thinking of a person in deep emotional stress and with his life hanging on the end of a string.


My Rehab Diary (book cover)
by Linn Dowless / US United States

This work is a collection of children's stories to both be read at home or in a classroom setting. Each story is followed by a series of exercises particular to the story just read. These exercises develop general reading skills, spelling, writing and comprehension proficiency, as well as some simple mathematical equations. and have been first created by the author at home to use with his own children and later on in a classroom setting with both very young pre-school children, as well as with high school students in a special education setting.


Mother Maria's Wonderful Bedtime Stories (book cover)
by Tilly Muir / TH Thailand

Natalie & Ben's first two encounters do not bode well for any type of relationship to develop, It is definitely not love at first sight. Natalie Matthews is not happy with her life, her on off relationship with Jake is definitely off, and her job does not excite her. She knows if she works hard and earns enough money she can change everything round and follow her dream of making a difference.


Three's a Crowd (book cover)
by Ruby Binns-Cagney / GB United Kingdom

Cecilia Kershenbaum's rigid life stifles her to the point of exasperation. When she is thrown into a difficult situation with the mysterious John Heathfield aboard a stricken aircraft, she courageously saves his life. John causes her to question her reasons to stay with her husband of fourteen years when the turbulence in her marriage almost pushes her completely out of her comfortable life. After Cecilia's husband Martin is murdered, John Heathfield's overpowering presence in her life forces Cecilia to make a difficult decision which she can't afford to make.


The Wednesday Wife (book cover)
by Bethany Bloom / US United States

Jess Madigan has moved back to her parents' home, ashamed, alone, and in heaps of debt after abandoning medical school. Tormented by her own sense of failure, Jess is desperate to regain some form of inner spark. Instead, she encounters an old flame, now a devastatingly handsome and internationally successful author and adventurer. Jake Lassiter is smoldering hot, impulsive, and fun in the deepest sense of the word.


A Lover's Secret (book cover)
by David E. Shaolian / CA Canada

Imagine being secluded in the wilderness, in an unfamiliar environment, with individuals half your age, whose core values and lifestyle are diametrically opposed to your own. How is one to react if a deluge of inappropriate behaviour, creating a highly perilous environment, rages, uncontrolled, due to ineffective leadership? What if your concerns about said conduct go unheard? And what if some are outwardly antagonistic to anyone threatening the perpetuation of the hedonistic status quo?


Happy Campers (book cover)
by Linn Dowless / US United States

This work is a collection of very creative unusual short stories, many of which are in the horror genre. Find out about the story Madeline, and how she swayed a really promising young man to do the unthinkable. Read on and find out who the Protege was and how he took advantage of his professor mentor, only to respond in a horrifying manner beyond all description here. Read on to descover the Tales Of Mayorbe. Find out about the great King Omay and how he developed an unknown kingdom into one of the wealthiest empires known.


A Divine Matrimony Of The Hallowed Deuce (book cover)
by Eric Budzinski / US United States

My experience in graphic design, web design, marketing, and small business growth can help you find success. I don't mind being called a "jack of all trades", especially when you consider the rest of the saying.... CERTAINLY BETTER THAN A MASTER OF NONE.


Eric Budzinski Design logo
by Bridgitte Lesley / ZA South Africa

Without too much hesitation Amanda turned what could have been a very dull and boring show into an extravaganza. David didn’t realize, but that is exactly what would happen to his life. The extravaganza was about to begin. David had to thank Amanda for the way she had saved the children’s concert. Only that wasn’t his only intention. He knew nothing about her and had never met her before. The feelings and emotions that she had stirred up on first sight made David realize that love at first sight was real. It did exist.

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Dreams Come True (book cover)


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Dream Symbols: An Answer to Prayer? 'Colors' - Book cover
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