by S. E. Zbasnik / US United States

Magic is coming back. Or so say the old prophesies cobbled together from wandering soothsayers, women huffing broken gas lines, and the back of comic tomes. The Evil Empire™ of Avar and its perfectly sane, in no way crazy Emperor risks others' life and limb to stop it from coming to pass.


The King's Blood - Book Image Did Not Load!
by Earl Ofari Hutc... / US United States

In this book Hutchinson takes the reader on a fast paced, highly readable, and enjoyable remembrance of those times. He gives a you are there sweeping feel of events from Dr. King’s civil rights battles to the entrance in the White House of President Obama. This book seeks to convey the exhilaration the author feels at having walked in the shadow of history of a Dr. King, a Miles Davis, a John Lennon, a Bob Marley, and many others.


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by Roselyn Jewell / US United States

Against the vivid Serengeti plains, Sarah Hutton must discover the truth behind her brother’s murder. But is the devastatingly attractive Benjamin Ndlovo—a man from her past—someone who can help her? Or will he strip bare all her defenses and her pride? Wildlife poachers add to the danger to life on the Hutton game farm in Tanzania, but Sarah knows her yearning and erotic fantasies for Benjamin may lead her into something even worse.


A Delicious Mistake - Book Cover Did Not Load!
by Roselyn Jewell / US United States

There is a saying that goes, “You reap what you sow.” If your life was a garden and your family, your seeds, what would your family garden look like? For Samantha and Richard, life isn’t always what they planned. They couldn’t be more proud of their children, their home and the life they built together.


The Family Garden - Book Image Did Not Load!
by Roselyn Jewell / US United States

When Reese Walker finds what she suspects is a very valuable and career changing artifact, she is beyond elated! She seeks approval to fund further research and find the answers she so desperately seeks regarding her find. However, just as she gets that funding, her world gets turned upside down when the artifact is stolen.


The Cuneiform Caper - Book Image Did Not Load!
by Roselyn Jewell / US United States

Amy Holden’s life is a mess—but when she meets an old flame at her high school reunion she finds her passion for life rekindled. But is Marc Nicolli really everything she wants? Or is there more lurking beneath that handsome surface than she can handle? Marc keeps tempting her to do the unthinkable—have a hot, sexy affair with him. But Amy isn’t sure if he wants anything more than a trip down memory lane and a good time in bed.


Stealing Back Love - Book Image Did Not Load!
by Roselyn Jewell / US United States

Victoria has worked hard to become a high ranking agent in a top secret government organization. She's always been happy and secure with her life the way it is. All of that changes when an old rival comes back into her life. They realize they have feelings for each other, only to be told that he is going to be sent on a suicide mission.


Degrees of Separation - Book Image Did Not Load!
by Roselyn Jewell / US United States

Hilary lives in a world that is supposed to be "perfect." The government provides all of the basic necessities and if you want additional items you can take on non-governmental work or odd jobs to earn luxury dollars to buy pretty much anything you could desire. The downside? She's assigned a career she hates, a place to live that she's never even been to before, and a guy she's supposed to marry that she's not even sure she likes.


unFocused - Book Image Did Not Load!
by Carol Husa / US United States

After injuring and fleeing her abusive lover, Casie Valentine thinks she’s finally left her violent past behind. But she’s only just caught up with it. Upon her arrival in Sarvelle Falls, Casie learns that the friend she was going to stay with has been viciously murdered. And when a masked intruder invades the motel room Casie’s just vacated, it becomes apparent that someone wants her dead. While she tries to convince herself that her ex is responsible, circumstances are indicating something far more sinister.


All Dressed In Red - Book Image Did Not Load!
by Robert Gioia / CA Canada

If want to educate yourself and your children about bullying and would like to do so in an entertaining fashion then you are going to enjoy The Bully Barn. It a touching story about a barn mouse named Marty who is bullied incessantly by numerous animals on a farm. This book teaches children and their parents about the various types of bullying, coping skills, and the important role of bystanders (part of the solution or part of the problem).


The Bully Barn - Book Image Did Not Load!


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