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by Dallacey E Green / US United States

Jake is a Native American Indian and his wife Charlie is an African American. In the last recent months Jake and Charlie have gone through a tragic loss, which has greatly affected their marriage. They leave New York City and move to the South, in hopes to find some solitude. This move challenges their relationship to the point that Jake finds himself wondering if their love, their marriage, is truly worth it. This story is very unique because it is told by a man's perspective. Jake is deeply in love with his wife who has distanced herself from him after she miscarried their third child.


Is It Worth It - Book cover
by Nithin Purple / IN India

When the lurid auras of visionary thoughts sometimes explore so long to hold not the quest's breath, it explodes in a form of dissimilar subjects of either agony or an overwhelmed happiness. For here I must say bold, most of these verses originated by my sadness and invention of my own style on the midst of solitude that I experienced after leaving my home since few years. As a reviewer you would see few elegies which were actual and untainted are those, where I lost few favorite care and love of some one's who truly were mine.

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Halcyon Wings - Book Cover
by Lawrence Winkler / CA Canada

The American West was a notion, not a nation. It was a process, not a place. Late in the summer of 2013, I set out to find the Old West, what it had been, and what had replaced it. The quest for my own wild panorama would turn wheels of fortune into a movable feast of Wagon Days. And if this don’t get your fire started, your wood’s wet.


Wagon Days - book cover
by Brooke Williams / US United States

Beyond the Bars is a tense story carried out with the classic ‘Rashomon effect’, in which multiple-viewpoint characters go through similar events, each with a different experience. A homegrown terrorist rallies several terrorist organizations and convinces them to carry out a meticulous plan. The goal is to rid the country of so-called evil by targeting specific people by location.


Beyond the Bars (book cover)
by Brooke Williams / US United States

His first day on the job, ambulance driver jay has a horrible accident and hits a pedestrian. His victim, jordan, who was rushing to the hospital to be with her ailing husband, is thrown into a coma. Because of his guilt and a pull that he feels, jay keeps a near constant vigil at her side to the detriment of his career and his own family life. As their lives intertwine, both past and present, a story of love over time unfolds.


Someone Always Loved You (book cover)
by Romy Gemmell / GB United Kingdom

This is the second novella in my Aphrodite and Adonis series set on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Each spring and summer Aphrodite, goddess of love, and her lover Adonis reunite with each other and play a game of choosing a visiting couple to the island who need their unique help. Sexy and mischievous Aphrodite is complemented by sexy and sensitive Adonis who understands humans have more fragile feelings.

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The Adonis Touch (book cover)
by Ruby Binns-Cagney / GB United Kingdom

Two FBI Agents are reported missing from an assignment in a small town and FBI Special Agent Nick Benson is sent to find them and bring them home. When a small town Sheriff is brought into a horrific case in Lake George, Upstate New York, he assumes the attacks have begun again. Days later, the discovery of a second set of human remains in the same area sets Sheriff Danvers on a quest to track down the beast in order to restore peace to the town.


Progeny (The FBI Nick Benson Cases) book cover
by Vincent Yanez / US United States

The cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, in Spain, is the reputed burial-place of Saint James the Great, one of the apostles of Jesus Christ. The cathedral has historically been a place of pilgrimage on the Way of St. James, also referred to as The Camino de Santiago. For centuries, the Camino de Santiago has offered pilgrims a spiritual journey, an adventure and a sought after freedom from the penance due for sins.


Surrender (book cover)
by Joshua Hathaway / US United States

In an old town, People work at the caverns to mine for gold and precious gemstones. The town grows into a city and the people that work at the caverns discover that the caverns have more secrets then one could imagine. Two teens become very close and learn the process of prospecting. "Gold Prospecting In A Group" is about a journey that takes place where a king decides he wants to do an expedition through the caverns.


Gold Prospecting In A Group - Book Cover
by Linn Dowless / US United States

This work is a collection of children's story poems that can only be found right here, in this work. These story poems are emphasized by a wide collection of accompanying photographs taken on many exotic adventures and unique sketches designed by the author himself and his young son at the time. While a majority of these entertaining story poems were created for the children of the author as they were growing, some few others were used and created for use in his special education class, as a result of compelling circumstances.


The Killer Thriller Story collection (book cover)