by Tiffany Hurd / US United States

You’re about to discover proven steps and strategies on how to understand time, the importance of your decisions, and making the right choices. If you know anything about personal development you understand how compounding decisions work. For those of you new to this concept, it is where decisions are like steps and they compound or build over time.


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by Krista Tibbs / US United States

This illustrated collection contains 11 short stories reflecting pieces of life touched by animals. My friend Savannah says that my quaint sense of responsibility is the reason that nothing enlightening has ever happened to me. At least that’s what she used to say, before last Saturday when the tourist came in to my family’s bookstore and asked if we had any Reefer, and I ended up in a garbage alley navigating pigeon poop in search of enlightenment.


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by Krista Tibbs / US United States

The Neurology of Angels is a novel about the hearts inside the business and politics of drug development. Elizabeth is a pharmaceutical industry lawyer who is raising a daughter with a rare and fatal genetic illness. Galen is a neuroscientist and entrepreneur who loses everything to develop a cure. Eddy is a devoted father who enters politics with a mission to lower the cost of prescription drugs.


The Neurology of Angels - Book Cover Did Not Load!
by Krista Tibbs / US United States

Nine years ago, five college students conceived a way to use atmospheric energy to predict mass acts of human violence. A tragic event ended the project, and team leaders Aiyana and Brian haven't spoken since. Overwhelmed with guilt, Brian has spent the years alone in his lab redeveloping the energy model. Aiyana, now a doctor, refuses to acknowledge his covert research—until the new model predicts a threat to their heartland town.


Uncertainty Principles - Book Cover Did Not Load!
by Chris Bostic / US United States

Teenagers. Canoes. A float trip. What could go wrong? Tom and J.C. are experienced in the woods and on the river; the brothers, too, but Will and Nate are a couple of clowns and not so dependable. Haley, the head cheerleader, is loaded down with her makeup and accessories. Katie just looks at them all and shakes her head. So what could go wrong?


Game Changer - Book Cover Did Not Load!
by Chris Christodoulou / CY Cyprus

In the mid 1800’s, father and son Elliot and Nathan, roamed the country earning a living performing ‘Magic Shows’, they were travelers. Their journey eventually brings them to a town called Utopia. They make the huge old Oak tree on the edge of the town their temporary home and its here they are to make a discovery that was to change their lives forever!


Utopian Magic - Book Cover Did Not Load!
by Kaye Pascal / US United States

The Curse of the Golden Coins is a 161 page e-book. It is a fast paced fantasy adventure story that is perfect for a quick read. The setting is rural America 1865. The protagonist Del, is a 23 year old who had served the Union Army during the Civil War. During the spring of 1865 as the war is coming to a close, Del stumbles onto a cave. He finds a chest of golden coins. He believes this is a lost treasure that will make him a fortune. This long lost treasure is not what it seems to be. Del discovers that what he thinks is a treasure is a curse.


The Curse of the Golden Coins - Book Cover Did Not Load!
by Morgan Winters / US United States

This collection of twenty-five flash fiction stories features darkly humorous and sometimes creepy works ranging from a ten-year-old serial killer to a shipwreck filled with madness to talking woodland creatures. Not quite horror, not quite comedy, but every story shares a demented theme, and most sport unexpected, twist endings. Readers call Dark & Disturbed "Disturbed, Delightful, and Diabolical," "a good read..." and "short and exciting."


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by Kristy Rulebreaker / HR Croatia

"The Poems Choose Me" is the collection of 100 short poems written in 2014. As the title says, they really choose me, so I never know about what I will write the next. I hope to encourage people with my words. I like to write about freedom, and against injustice. Sometimes, I even write the love poems. As English is not my native language, without my editor Fred Robel I couldn't publish it. He patiently corrected my grammar mistakes.


The Poems Choose Me - Book Cover Did Not Load!
by Marc Richard / US United States

For fans of Marc Richard who don't have time to read a whole novel. The perfect bathroom reader. This is how he got his start. Includes short stories, dumb ramblings and poetry that will probably make you feel better about yourself. Filled with equal parts darkness and light, and Marc's trademark twisted sense of humor. See people get shot out of trees, get eaten by sharks while figure skating, travel through space and time, kill for Christmas gifts.


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