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by Michael Fusco / US United States

"Teaching for What?" traces my turbulent career as an educator in Connecticut public, vocational and parochial schools, and how that experience drove me into depression and early retirement. It is also a somewhat scathing critique of the system of education, in general. The book begins with my student teaching days in a suburban public high school, and then follows my career, going forward, in an urban Catholic elementary school, a regional vocational high school, and, finally, a suburban public school.


Teaching for What? - Book cover
by Sydney Arrison / US United States

"My Heart In Seoul is Storytelling at Its Finest," "The author does an exceptional job introducing the character, Jasmine Sinclair, a strong-willed journalist who is engaged to a Hollywood actor. Her fiancé indiscretions create a scandal, leaving Jasmine washing her hands of all men. At the insistence of her father, she accompanies him to Seoul on a business trip and is joined by her two best girlfriends, Candice and Rita, the catalysts that will push Jasmine to give love and romance another chance with protagonist, Wen Hon ...

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My Heart In Seoul (book cover)
by Linn Dowless / US United States

This work is intended to stand unto itself as more a living, breathing, portrait of art painted with carefully chosen words, than just a really interesting story told. The intent here is for the reader to view the landscape through the eyes of the main character, to feel what he does as he ambles along in this adventure. When the main character feels the pain and pleasures of the old dirt road, then all will only be right if the reader feels these same identical experiences.


The Old Dirt Road And The Hellion - Book Cover
by Ekaterina Yuvasheva / US United States

Did you ever dream of being famous, doing mysterious things, or being a superhero? For Adrian Alexander Prince, an average teenager from Montana, these dreams become a stunning reality, when he is invited to attend a special school many miles away because he possesses the ability to change the world, known as the Talent. The surprises don't end there. Adrian learns new things about the family he thought he knew, about his other family and the special place they occupied among the Talented, and about his own unusual fate.


I Am Angelo: Sense of Direction - Book Cover
by Linn Dowless / US United States

America was great once upon a time, and opportunity flourished as it never had anywhere else, but something has gone terribly wrong in America. Decay morally, socially, and economical had replaced bounty. Even the cherished institution of legitimate law has been replaced by a wicked extortionist inquisition. This is the story of one man's persecution by that inquisition, his great escape and his ascendancy into wealth, status and glory beyond all mortal measure.


Escape To Seraphim Island (book cover)
by Oscar Friar / CZ Czech Republic

Poetry is for the Birds is a collection of some of the most heartfelt, sincere and down-to-earth poems you will ever have the pleasure of reading. After winning the much revered, and completely fabricated, Ríkadla Meho Srdce (Rhymes of My Heart) Award from the Czech Republic, Oscar Friar has gone on to entertain audiences around the world. Friar is considered both a young prodigy in the world of poetry and an old soul in the world of prose, making him pretty much a middle-aged poet with a voice that is to be reckoned with.


Poetry is for the Birds (book cover)
by Vincent Yanez / US United States

Author Vincent Yanez never planned on working more than a couple of jobs in his life. Unfortunately, he was born with a short attention span and an inability to stay anywhere that annoyed him. The result is iQuit: The Book of Job(s), a snarky look at one man's refusal to put up with anything he found aggravating, disgusting or downright horrifying. Somewhere along the way, Vincent Yanez decided that life was too short to do things he hated.


iQuit: The Book of Job(s) - Book Cover
by Vincent Yanez / US United States

When author Vincent Yanez published his travel memoir, It Doesn't Matter Which Road You Take, readers wondered where the photographs were of the places he had visited. In commemoration of the upcoming 20th Anniversary of that adventure, this photographic collection not only contains images from that backpacking trip through Europe, but later journeys within Europe and America.


Through My Eyes (photography book)
by Bridgitte Lesley / ZA South Africa

Dodge wasn’t looking for love. It was the last thing on his mind. He had everything a man could want. He had his three sons and his daughter. They were his life. He had sold his business off and retired at the age of forty seven. What more could a man want? Until the day that he spotted Louise McBride. Even though she was a few years younger than him, Dodge felt the attraction. What did age matter? From the minute he laid his eyes on her things changed. Dodge suddenly felt alive.


Time to Change (book cover)
by Victoria Pitts-Caine / US United States

Dr. Priscilla Hackling finds herself thrown back into the murder investigation of her fiancé, Trey Whittington. While she was a suspect three years ago, she’s now working with the police to find the murderer, Egyptian artifact trafficker, Zarka El-Din. Tricked into participating in a sting operation to catch the killer, she and Agent Donnie Barnes travel to Siwa.


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