by Sydney Paige Mc... / US United States

An Ex-Cop in a wheelchair, a white box, and an urban legend. Witness Protection will be an interesting ride for Prue Collins. After witnessing her sister’s murder, Prue Collins is sent to a small town outside Astoria, Oregon and with her comes a secret that endangers more than just her own life. What she doesn’t expect is the cold shoulder from the man meant to protect her.


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by Kathryn Elizabe... / US United States

David gathered 5 smooth stones to meet and defeat Goliath. What did these stones represent and how can you use them to conquer your Goliaths in your own personal quests? Ms. Virginia Bean will show you how. Travel with her on her own personal journey. See what she does. Learn how she grows. Discover what she becomes. "Conquering your Goliaths - A Parable of the Five Stones" is for anyone desiring to travel beyond mediocrity, pain and fear.


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by S. E. Zbasnik / US United States

Thousands of years after the jewelry's destroyed, the sword reforged, the dragon ridden, and the indecipherable prophecy translated into a recipe for sugared biscuits, the dwarves turned to that final frontier: space. And along came the elves, orcs, gnomes, trolls, ogres, and those vermin-like upstarts, humans. Dwarves in Space is Tolkien merged with Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in a horrific transporter accident.


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by Roy Humphreys / AU Australia

It's springtime and 17 year old Patrick Rourke has everything to live for. He's young, strong and healthy, has a loving family and has won the affection of his sweetheart Catherine. Unfortunately, Patrick is also quick tempered and has an unfortunate tendency to use his fists to settle disputes. A relatively minor confrontation with the occupying British Redcoats escalates and Patrick's world is torn apart as he becomes a pawn in the political aspirations of the United Irishmen and suffers the wrath of the British dominated Irish penal system.


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by Yassin Hall / US United States

This trans-formative book grips readers from the beginning and takes you on an emotional ride through the eyes of a child of a mother suffering with schizophrenia as she matures into womanhood. Journey Untold will make you laugh, make you cry, and most importantly spark a conversation about how people can cope with life’s challenges.


Journey Untold - Book Image Did Not Load!
by Steven Arnett / US United States

Set in a small southern Michigan city in the early 1990s, Winners and Losers is a rollicking dark comedy starring Tom Slotrak, a young man who wins the jackpot in the Michigan Lottery and the crazy and (sometimes) adventures he has afterwards. He learns the hard way that money can’t buy happiness but that it sure can lead to some very funny and bizarre experiences!


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by Johnnie Mitchell / US United States

Angel Mandrell is a beautiful model with a penchant for helping men in distress regain their self respect. When Angel comes up missing, ex-Chicago cop, and best-selling author, George Washington agrees to launch a search. During the course of the investigating Angel’s disappearance, Washington finds himself becoming more and more fascinated by a woman he has never met; fascinated to the point of falling for her.


Missing Angel - Book Image Did Not Load!
by Johnnie Mitchell / US United States

In the year 1988, black private detective Ellis Mason finds himself swept into a wave of big time trouble. What started as a routine case of tailing an ex-con's wayward girlfriend turns into something much more sinister.When the girl friend is murdered, and the ex-con is charged, Ellis reluctantly sets out to clear him.


88 Ways to Die - Book Image Did Not Load!
by Chariss K. Walker / US United States

Clear Glass is the eighth and final book in The Vision Chronicles, a slice-of-life metaphysical/visionary thriller series. It picks up where Lamp's Light left off—James Lewis is shot and bleeding out on the breakfast room floor. Find out how the story ends. Clear Glass is the final chapter in The Vision Chronicles series. Can he survive the deadly assault? Can he have a happily-ever-after ending with the woman of his dreams?


Clear Glass - Book Image Did Not Load!
by Chariss K. Walker / US United States

Things heat up in this metaphysical/visionary thriller as James and his family come under attack by a crazed lunatic who is determined to make him suffer and take everything from him. Can he survive these murderous intentions? Will his entire family die because he can't protect them?


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