by Frank Scozzari / US United States

The ultimate threats facing United States come to life in Frank Scozzari's fast-paced thriller. With the help of an inside man, a group of determined terrorists siege a nuclear power plant, intending to spread radiation and wreak destruction into the world.


The Wind Guardian (book) by Frank Scozzari
by Santosh Avvannavar / IN India

Set in the backdrop of 1990 Calcutta, She is a story about finding one’s own identity in spite of all odds. The story spins around the life of Kusum, a brave heart whose identity is often untitled and blurred; it does not belong anywhere, definitely not under the ‘he’ or ‘she’ bracket, thanks to our social conditioning.


She: Ekla Cholo Re (book) by Santosh Avvannavar and Dr. Shayan Haq
by Georgie Lee / US United States

Uncovered: a list of noblemen's names--each one guilty of treason. To save his family legacy, Rafe Densmore must seize a courtesan's infamous register. No one can ever know how his father betrayed his country! One person stands in Rafe's way--the beautiful Cornelia, Comtesse de Vane.


The Courtesan's Book of Secrets (book) by Georgie Lee
by Georgie Lee / US United States

During the years since Randall Cheltenham, Marquess of Falconbridge, last saw Cecelia Thompson, he has turned into a dissolute rake. Catching sight of her now, bittersweet memories threaten to shatter his carefully constructed façade.


Rescued from Ruin (book) by Georgie Lee
by Hailey Woerner / US United States

What if you knew about a plan to murder a national leader, but couldn't tell anyone? What if you desired nothing more than to trust, but knew nothing but betrayal? What if someone was strong enough to invade your mind and bring your greatest fears to life?


Jaded: The SilentWhisperer (book) by Hailey Woerner
by Natalia Frost / GB United Kingdom

Imagine reading a new Christmas story with your child in the days leading up to Christmas. See the look of excitement in their eyes and enjoy the feeling of happiness as you share the moment together. I Just Can't Wait for Christmas is a Christmas story you will read again and again as your child waits for Santa to arrive.


I Just Can't Wait for Christmas (book) by Natalia Frost
by Georgie Lee / US United States

THREE HEARTWARMING REGENCY TALES OF CHRISTMASES GONE BY! Lily Rutherford is shocked to learn the man who snubbed her years before will be staying for Christmas. Can she forgive the viscount in time for a stolen kiss under the mistletoe?


It Happened One Christmas (book) by Georgie Lee
by Robert Eggleton / US United States

Rarity from the Hollow is adult literary science fiction filled with tragedy, comedy and satire with content that addresses social issues. It is not for the prudish, fainthearted or easily offended. It’s a Children’s Story for Adults. While the protagonist, Lacy Dawn, occupies the body of an eleven year old, and sounds like one ...


Rarity from the Hollow (book) by Robert Eggleton
by Jonathan McAllister / US United States

With the software industry becoming more and more competitive, organizations are now integrating delivery automation and automated quality assurance practices into their business model. By Mastering Jenkins and build pipelines readers can gain insights into the diverse software delivery ecosystem. Mastering Jenkins represents the amalgamation of over a decades worth of research. Mastering Jenkins is available in paperback and kindle e-book editions.


Mastering Jenkins (book) by Jonathan McAllister
by Christopher C. Evans / GB United Kingdom

In a dark and brooding world where conspiracy theories are no longer just theory, the fate of humanity hinges on the whims of the sociopathic elite - a hidden hierarchy which vie in a secret war amongst themselves, crushing anyone who gets in their way.


Born Lucid (book) by Christopher C. Evans


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