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by Kathy May Davies / US United States

Lara Hanson discovers New Mexico is not New York City as her sports car is stuck up to its hubcaps in mud on a rainy night in the middle of nowhere: no taxi, no tow truck, no cell phone service. But the situation worsens as she faces a wall of roaring chocolate water tumbling through Cherry Creek Gully towards her! It was the first mistake made by the pregnant woman who chooses to leave the big city to make a home for herself and her child on a small inherited ranch in The Land of Enchantment.


Mist in the Valley - Book Cover
by Brian O'Hare / GB United Kingdom

From childhood I suffered many inexplicable bouts of illness that left me in serious pain, missing school and temporarily bed-ridden. Doctors were baffled. In my forties it was finally discovered that I had a very rare liver disease. I needed several operations to stay alive at a time when liver transplants were never heard of. A brilliant surgeon kept me alive for twenty more years. Eventually I degenerated to the point where the liver began to fail completely and I had only a few months to live. I was saved by a liver transplant although I had to wait ten long months before the new liver became available.


A Spiritual Odyssey - Book Cover
by Santosh Avvannavar / IN India

The book encompasses five fiction stories (not interrelated) with simple narration to bring awareness about the misconceptions about kidney issues among the general populace. These are partly based on factual stories through authors' experience. The book attempts a non-technical handling of a kidney dialysis procedural issue through emotive stories. Kidney diseases, although very common, people are conscious of it the least.


Second Heart - Book Cover
by Celia Conrad / GB United Kingdom

When Alicia’s new client, Fabio Angelino, tells her that someone is trying to kill him and it is revealed that his father Emilio, a New York attorney of Italian descent, vanished without a trace in Sicily sixteen years previously, Alicia is convinced there is some connection between Emilio’s disappearance and Fabio’s current predicament even though the police disagree. Desperate to find answers, Alicia starts making inquiries of Emilio’s former legal colleagues but is obstructed in her attempts to obtain evidence.


Murder in Hand - Book Cover
by Celia Conrad / GB United Kingdom

Wilful Murder is part 2 of the Alicia Allen Investigates crime trilogy and sees the return of the female protagonist Alicia Allen, the Anglo-Italian lawyer based in London. When Isabelle Parker, a young Australian heiress who is about to inherit a multi-million pound fortune from her English grandfather, instructs Alicia to make her a Will in contemplation of her forthcoming marriage Alicia discovers that most of Isabelle’s family have died in unusual circumstances. Soon it becomes apparent that Isabelle’s life might also be at risk and when Isabelle’s fiancé is killed in an explosion at his artist’s studio, Alicia becomes convinced that the real target was Isabelle.


Wilful Murder - Book Cover
by Vanessa Finaughty / ZA South Africa

Liam and Arthean are trapped on a Harvester spaceship, hunted by the crew, when the rescue mission to save the mysterious Lenora Fairen goes horribly wrong. The ensuing events bring to light some disturbing information about the Harvesters – and their creators – and cause Arthean’s previously unfaltering faith to waver. Information is scarce about the Vorsors, the species that created the Harvesters.


Legends of Origin 3 - Book Cover
by Vanessa Finaughty / ZA South Africa

Two months after Liam MacAskill’s return to Earth from Tridor Monastery, a portal opens in Orion’s Nebula, and a continent-sized spaceship emerges. It heads for Earth, where it hovers over Africa. Shortly thereafter, a second alien species comes through the portal. Then impossibility becomes reality – the second species steals Earth’s sun. The first species, the T’Acan – or Harvesters, as some call them – seem friendly enough, but Liam suspects they are omitting something about their reasons for visiting Earth, which seem lame to him.


Legends of Origin 2 - Book Cover
by Santosh Avvannavar / IN India

Strengths: Simplified Interview Structures, Best Hiring, Misconception to Programming. Weakness: Addiction to Software Industry, Best Software Engineer, Steep Career Growth. Opportunities: Dream Job, Best Ways to Learn, Be a part of Best Companies. Threats: Sleepless Night, Software Syndrome, Neighbours Envy.


Get a Job WITHOUT an Interview - book cover
by Marilyn Robinso... / US United States

Good Morning Farm is a story about how the sun pushes the curtain of darkness away and greets the farmer, his wife and all of the animals, and helps them through the day. Then as evening approaches the sun pulls the curtain of darkness back up, as the moon appears. The story is written with rhyme which young children love. The colors are rich. Children will enjoy the chickens, goat, bees, horse, cows, sheep, pigs, rabbit, turkey, donkey and lots of kitty cats.


Good Morning Farm - Book Cover
by Mark Mosier / US United States

Come ride along with the crew from Station 4. You’ll respond to heart attacks, gunshot victims, and major car crashes all in a non-stop heart pounding pace. Lives will be changed, lives will be lost and lives will be saved. You have the front row seat to it all. Experience the emotion and drama that plays out in this world we call EMS. Can the men and women who dedicate their lives to this endeavor really make a difference?


Signs of Life - Book Cover


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Never Ending Spring (book) by Darrell Case
The Struggle For Power and The Fight For Survival
The Cyber Chronicles VIII, Scorpion Lord (book) by TC Southwell
A Lethal Inheritance
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A Model Murder - Book Cover
Suffering ~ A Path of Awakening