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by Melanie Byrde / CA Canada

My work is basically a Fantasy set back in the medieval era of three other planets in another universe to our own. There is a god in the name of Oblixi who has gone corrupt and a goddess who is trying her best to defend her people. Their only chance for survival however, is the King's son named Martin. Yet, here is where things get complicated. There is no way to reach the world of Hatrix all the while Oblixi is basically stalking Martin.


Legends of Keys - Book Cover
by Chris Christodoulou / CY Cyprus

A book of eleven short stories with a twist at the end. It is a compilation of my trilogy of books but all in one book. 1. Tri-Twists 2. 4 more 3. Final twists. These books are still available individually. Ideal for a quick fix of reading with a cup of coffee.


Twisters - Book Cover
by Carlene Havel / US United States

Bible stories have captured imaginations for centuries--Daniel in the lion's den; Jonah and the whale; and the heroine of "The Scarlet Cord", Rahab the Harlot. When the famous walls of Jericho came tumbling down, Rahab and her family were the only survivors. Why? Because Rahab assisted the Hebrew spies in exchange for their promise of amnesty. Afterward, this woman with a past married well and became the ancestor of impressive monarchs including King David, Solomon the Wise, and the King of Kings Jesus Christ.


The Scarlet Cord - Book Cover
by Tracey Jimerson / US United States

How does a woman, who had everything, find her way in this world when all the meaning has been removed? Mara Dalton has a life that most women only dream of. She has an amazing husband, a new baby boy and owns her own company. When her husband and son are killed tragically just days before Christmas, Mara stops living as well. For years she tries to live but finds herself only existing. She attempts to avoid reliving another year of horrible memories at Christmas by leaving her home; which has become her tomb.


Tree Of Life - Book Cover
by Ruby Binns-Cagney / GB United Kingdom

When Stuart Anderson flew into his native New York, there were few signs that his dazzling career was about to crash land, or that he was about to be murdered. The lead guitarist and singer in The Black Bartinos was returning to New York;, the city where he was born, for a concert tour to mark the twentieth anniversary of the band's birth. For Anderson, at 37, this trip had a special purpose. He was preparing for the next stage of his career as a solo singer. As he approached 40, everything looked rosy. Or so he told his friends.


Rock Star - Book Cover
by HH Durrant / GB United Kingdom

Two young men are missing – Both are found dead – Their bodies mutilated – Why – was it Gang warfare – was it drugs? Was this the start of an all out drugs war on the infamous Hobfield Estate? Was this someone new shaking a serious fist at the old guard and taking the patch for themselves? DI Tom Calladine didn’t think so. He trusted his instincts and they told him that this was something else entirely. This was murder; brutal, extreme, too extreme even for the wannabe drug barons on the Hobfield. They were small fry, and it was quickly becoming apparent that this was the work of a loner.


Handy Man - Book Cover
by Jennifer Mccullah / US United States

Being a teenager was hard, but being a teenager chased by magic thieves was even harder. Allison was an outspoken, impulsive girl who stayed in trouble most of the time. Her only family was a small group of friends and the grandmother who raised her. When she became sixteen, Allison developed special abilities and her life was turned upside down. She thought she had problems before, but they were nothing compared to what she now faces.


Inherited Magic - Book Cover
by John Marrs / GB United Kingdom

The Wronged Sons is a gripping psychological thriller novel that asks what you would do if the person you loved suddenly vanished into thin air? Catherine’s cosy life as a housewife and mum-of-three is quickly thrown into disarray when husband Simon disappears without explanation. She is convinced he hasn’t left by choice as confusion and spiraling debts threaten to tear her family apart. Meanwhile Simon has begun a carefree new life travelling the world.


The Wronged Sons - Book Cover
by S. Aksah / MY Malaysia

Dolores Von Geoff is living and working in London. She always worries about her thinning hair and exercises whenever possible to achieve her "size zero" goal. She is a "honey making money" type living in the sprawling metropolis and scoffs at anyone who she considers to be a money-grabber. After two relationships that did not end up well, Dolores is currently playing it safe. She says that for now, she is not looking for a relationship and will be cautious of men altogether.


Sex and Desperate Hearts - Book Cover
by Mandy Oviatt / US United States

Olisbeth Mason doesn't know it, but she is a modern-day incarnation of Athena, the Greek Goddess of wisdom. She's suffered with crippling migraines most of her life, grown up with a single father (an Army First Sergeant), and is now, at age nineteen, away from home for the first time. Olisbeth is not alone while at college, she's made two really good friends in a pair of siblings: her exuberant roommate Phoebe and her boyfriend, Arthur. Phoebe and Arthur know who and what Olisbeth is, and are hiding some dark, dangerous secrets from her.


My Lady Olives: The Maiden of Migraines - Book Cover


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