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A.J. Wright


I am 25 years old and I grew up and lived in New York City, Midtown Manhattan area for all my life. I have been writing since I was two years old. It first started out with some blank papers and crayons, but I love writing. It is more than my passion it is apart of my soul. When I write my stories I can close my eyes and visualize everything I am seeing and I know how my characters feel, because I am feeling it as well. I would not have survived the trauma, torture and suffering I went through for five years of my life. A lot of people have told me my writing is not worth anything and I will never amount to anything in my life, but my greatest achievement is to publish one of my novels and it is an honor to share my novels with the world.

Books by A.J. Wright

Extraterrestrial Love (book) by A.J. Wright

A young girl, named Seyai Narvez comes to earth with her parents, to find her one true love which happens to be her biology teacher named Zevran Michaels. Despite the numerous problems they encounter on earth, they fall in love, but all is not well because another alien who is in love with Seyai, does everything in his power to stop the two from mating will true love conquer all?

Fiction > Romance
Opinions (book) by A.J. Wright

Everyone has an opinion on everything that come in contact with. Opinions are views and judgements on something or someone that is not true, but neither false. All opinions matter and different. If everyone thought the same thing we would not be individuals. In this short story, you will get a chance to have your opinions base on other people's opinions and stories. You will learn about things that are true and what people believe to be true.

Non Fiction
Three months in hell (book) by A.J. Wright.

This is the true story of girl named Nicole Thomas who describes living in a home with family as hell. It discusses her feelings and the events that took place during her time there.

Non Fiction