Anthony Glenn is 44 years old pedagogue psychologist and author of "Success Mindset" series of booklets which include "Mental Hygiene: How to Change Your Mind," "The Law of Attraction: Your Guide to Satisfaction and Success" and "How to Heal Your Soul: Your Path to Peace of Mind."
The latest work of Anthony is "Depression and Anxiety" self-help booklets series which consists of two books: "Nature of Depression: How to Understand and Cure the Symptoms" and "Nature of Panic Attacks: How to Understand and Cure The Symptoms."
All the books you will find in Kindle, paperback and audio versions.
Author has been traveling and working in different professional fields around the world for a long time where was researching how a style of life in different countries and stressful professional environments influenced a mental condition of a human.
His books "Mental Hygiene: How to Change Your Mind" and "How to Heal Your Soul: Your Path to Peace of Mind" especially will be useful for those who are facing everyday stress, living or working in a morally unhealthy negative or competitive environment.
In his "The Law of Attraction: Your Guide to Satisfaction and Success" author goes more in-depth in his research on how to change your mind for better wellbeing using the law of attraction and gives practices that were helpful for himself.
The author says that he is a person whom one day decided to change his mind and made his dreams come true.

Books by Anthony Glenn

How to Simplify Your Life - Book cover

Can you remember the last time you enjoyed the sunset, lazy afternoon or a lazy coffee with a friend, without any rush or an urge to do something? When was the last time you told a child, "yes, we have enough time for one more story,”? And then you read it slowly and consciously, or talked to them until they fell asleep, then watched them sleep for a while? Most of us live in an endless race for achievements, chasing more and more of everything.

Nature of Depression - Book cover

Are you depressed or are you suffering from depression? Everybody feels low sometimes. However, that's not the same as suffering from depression. Unlike a normal sadness, clinical depression lasts for weeks, months, or even years. If your life has permanently changed, and you feel like you have lost yourself somewhere along the way, it may be depression. Depression is a real illness. It has to be treated correctly.

Nature of Panic Attacks - Book cover

Are you the one who is suffering from panic attacks? Or do you know anyone who needs help? Or maybe you are just a curious person and would like to know how to prevent panic attacks. Then this self-help book is for you! In the middle of a typical day, while you are walking in the park, or even sitting down at home, on your couch, you suddenly feel your heart begin to beat rapidly and irregularly, it's pounding, you are shaking, feeling chest pain, and can't take a breath.

The Law of Attraction - Book cover

This story is all about the Law of Attraction. Through it, you can attain self-development for success, learn how to change your mind, and how to achieve mental hygiene. I am pretty sure that luck is something you can program and attract. Imagine how you could change your life if you just learned all of the necessary information about the Law of Attraction and firmly believed in what you are doing!

Mental Hygiene: How To Change Your Mind - Book cover

Maybe you are one of those people in search of ways to become the best version of themselves. Or maybe you feel stuck lately. Does it seem like a fog has covered your life and you can find no path that is right for you? Perhaps some part of your life looks hopeless, nothing works, and you are starting to ask if something is wrong with you. Well, it is time to break that cycle. In this mind training book, you will learn some simple ways to transform your mind, body, and spirit as well as improve the quality of your life.