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Abhik Gulati


Just your average writer and artist wandering around the block.

Interested mostly in mystery and horror genre.

Have something to talk about? Feel free to drop a message.

Books by Abhik Gulati

CROF by Abhik Gulati. Short psychological adventure. Book cover
'All work no play makes Mack a dull scientist' A long-awaited vacation, an ordinary train ride, a strange call from a not-so-unfamiliar being. The peaceful night takes a weird turn when our visitor finds an old cellphone ringing under his seat. Words are exchanged, something is going to take place. He couldn't let it go. Someone is guiding him, spying on his every move, or maybe he is the one putting on an act! No answers, only questions appear at each new turn.
Fiction > Science Fiction
The Odd Hour Effort, Book 2 by Abhik Gulati. Book cover
A small collection of stories, accompanying a lonely traveler, on a long night as he rides to meet his beloved one, but it seems like he has lost all hope. As he tries to listen to some tunes during his uncanny journey, he finds an old, unlabeled cassette tape in his beloved's collection. Depicted in transcript style, find out where the roads take our visitor this time. His company is a cassette player and the moon shining above him.
Fiction > Short Stories
The Odd Hour Effort by Abhik Gulati. Short Stories, Urban fiction. Book cover
A small collection of stories written by a traveler sitting on a cold bench at a lonely platform, waiting for the arrival of his train to home. He has something to tell you if you are ready to listen. Depicted in a transcript style, follow what goes through the mind of our temporary visitor, as he tries to process his existence in this ordinary world on a cold empty night. If the time and place is right, you may see him sitting there working on his next mystery, thriller or sci-fi series.
Fiction > Short Stories
Ratchet Street by Abhik Gulati. Book cover
Moving to a new place is both exciting and challenging, but only if it’s not Ratchet Street, a place where people live ordinary lives, and nothing excites them anymore. The time kept turning, but nothing was changing! While trying to bring a change in their own life, a father-son duo decides to move to an apartment building situated there, leading to a good and standard life just like any other tenant living at that place. Comes along a silent night.
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers
Find Fifty: Cradle Destinies by Abhik Gulati. Book cover
Figuring out life in a big city can be hard and tiresome at the same time. After realizing this fact, Shaun Kent, a nineteen-year-old surviving on his own, couldn’t feel the need to push any further. One day, while walking around in the neighborhood on his day-off, Shaun locates a newly furnished house. Owning to his curious nature, he decides to explore more of the inside. An unknown voice guides him in, but little did he know that everything isn’t as it seems.
Fiction > Horror & Paranormal
Disconnected by Abhik Gulati. A life full of dreams, a strange call, pay the right price. Book cover
Jason, a used to be basketball prodigy, lives with Ben, a used to be musical genius, and a slacker Tim. Trying to build up a reputation in university, both Jason and Ben, went to extreme ends of partying and lost focus of their lives. While their roommate Tim tried to warn them of the dangers, nothing stopped them until they were on the verge of being expelled from the university. One night Jason and Ben, both heavily drunk and celebrating their last days there, got an idea to relive their old memories of when they first came to that university.
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers