Belle Brown


Belle Brown is a mother to an energetic and very inquisitive "purple princess" who loves all sorts of stories. Her little kid's insatiable appetite for learning inspired her to write her first book series, Patrick the Piglet's Learning Adventures.

Belle Brown wanted to bring the power of learning through storytelling with her writing. Her books develop children’s cognitive abilities, help parents bond with their child, and nurture a lifelong love for reading.

Books by Belle Brown

Farm Animal Family Rhyme by Belle Brown. Patrick the Piglet's Learning Adventures. Book cover
Have you ever wondered why a baby horse is a ‘foal’, a female is a ‘mare’, and a male is a ‘stallion’? Well, find out with Patrick the piglet! Join him on a fun and educational journey around the farm! This charmingly written rhyming picture book for kids follows Patrick the pig as he travels around the farm, finding out the names for different types of animals. Along the way, he meets horses, cows, chickens, sheep, and many more cuddly creatures.
Fiction > Children
Nia The Narwhal Explores The Christmas Ocean - Book cover
As the cold season creeps in, Nia the narwhal is feeling the festive cheer. But why? Well, Nia loves this time of year because she can visit the beautiful coral reef – the bright and vivid colors make it look like a “Christmas ocean” all year round. Along the way, Nia meets up with her amazing friends, including a starfish, an electric ray, a dogfish shark and even a saltwater catfish! They all exchange Christmas gifts, and Nia is so thankful to have such incredible friends.
Fiction > Children
Yani the Unicorn and the Day Mommy Went to the Moon by Belle Brown. Book cover
Yani is a young, fun-loving unicorn who lives in the magical forest with her mommy. One day, her mommy has to go out to help a friend on the moon, so Yani is left on her own for the very first time. At first, Yani doesn’t know what to do with herself, and wonders why her mommy has left her all alone. She feels sad and thinks she will have to sleep the whole day. However, Yani decides that she needs to do something fun, and decides to go to Unicorn Valley instead of moping around all day.
Fiction > Children