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James A. Grove


James A Grove was born in Europe in June of 1957, had the first half of his schooling in Europe and the second half in Canada, as his family had immigrated there in 1969.
I enjoy writing audio e-books for children the ages of 3-7 as well as writing Illustrative Poetry, both for the iPad.

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Books by James A. Grove

The Purple Door by James A. Grove. Book cover
"The Purple Door" features the narration efforts by "Kazoo" The Purple Cockatoo as he moves from story to story.
Fiction > Children
Carnival Zoo's & Ferris Wheels by James A. Grove. Book cover
"Carnival Zoo's & Ferris Wheels" is a Read-to, Read-along audio e-book or let Rocky Road The Smiling Toad read it for your child.
Fiction > Children
I Still Believe in Love by James A. Grove. Book cover
Illustrative Poetry to stimulate your senses, Poetry for your brain, ears and eyes. "I Still Believe in Love" is a collection of Poems that read like a Story and sings like a Song. Some are about good love, some are about bad love and some are not about love at all.
Fiction > Poetry