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Melissa A. Graham


This Harry Potter-obsessed mother of four doesn't have any traditional education in creative writing at her disposal, but she loves the craft of storytelling. After reading reignited a spark in her life, Melissa has found a lifetime goal in becoming an author whose books help others escape from the harsh realities of the world, just as it did her. She's no scholar, but what she lacks in degrees and education, she makes up for in a wild imagination.

She has a love for all things supernatural or paranormal. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Anita Blake, Zombie Fallout... just the tip of her fandom-obsessed iceberg. Laurel K. Hamilton is one of her biggest writing influences, and her style of writing sometimes echoes Hamilton's.

Her first novel, Deny the Moon, was first self-published in 2013, and has been revised and re-released this past April (2017). It is the first in her Wolfblooded series, with a sequel in progress along with other various stories ranging from horror to magical realism.

Books by Melissa A. Graham

Deny the Moon - Book cover
The Wolfblooded Series is an Urban Fantasy series loosely inspired by the five stages of grief. With book one, Deny the Moon, our incredibly grudge-y and forgotten young heroine, Harley, is just trying to find where she belongs in the world. With a family who pays as much attention to her as they do a couch, it's no wonder she runs off with the first guy that breezes into town and profess his love to her.
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