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Rene David Rivero


Rene David Rivero was born in Cuba and immigrated to the USA in 1980. He attained a doctorate in physics in 2010. He relocated to Colorado that year and served as a post doctoral researcher at NREL in Golden, Colorado. He started to write as a hobby during college; his favorite subjects were fantasy and science fiction as well as thrillers. He learned the craft by extensively reading Poe, Wells and Lovecraft. He also dabbled with fanfcition.

Books by Rene David Rivero

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Briggs is an ambitious student of neurology at Columbia. Maybe a little too ambitious.... His ideas about consciousness take a turn that's very sick and twisted when he meets the Old Man, Kirkyard, a neighbor at Apartment H and a former, disgraced researcher at Columbia. Kirkyard's grizzly WWII-derived work got him kicked out of the university (and got a few people killed too) ...
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