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Rod A. White


Rod A. White grew up in eastern Kentucky, but has lived in many places over the course of his life. His adventurous spirit has given him a large pool of experiences from which to draw.
In 2006, Rod moved to Peru where he currently lives with his wife Vany. This was a special move in Rod’s life that provided him the opportunity to explore his passion for writing.
In 2009, he began his own business of ghostwriting website content, articles, press releases, etc., but eventually moved into ghostwriting books for clients. After producing numerous published books, some of which became top-sellers, Rod decided to launch into his own career as a recognized author.

Books by Rod A. White

Reflections of a Ruby Pendant by Rod A. White. Mystery and Thrillers. Book cover

Holly Ferguson wasn’t expecting adventure, mystery, romance and magic, but that’s exactly what she got. On what is supposed to be a relaxing vacation to Paradise Island, Bahamas, Holly is gifted with a fascinating golden ruby pendant found by Mateo, a young man linked to the islands who captures her heart.

Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers