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W. S. Owen


W. S. Owen is a modern writer and architect. He has a specific writing style, with minimalism, repetition of certain lines throughout the story, references to rock music and frequent dialogues. He never indicates his opinion about what is happening between the characters.

Books by W. S. Owen

Richard Wants Me Dead - Book cover

John, an aspiring twenty-five-year-old agent of the Bureau of Investigation, secretly suffers from dissociated personality disorder. He has started a successful career in the homicide department by solving the case of an elusive serial killer, but no one knew how he did it. John’s second personality, who calls himself Richard, sees the future. It was Richard who revealed the culprit’s name to the young agent. However, there is one thing: Richard wants John dead, and he is trying to get him killed in every possible way.

Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers