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A Hero's Homecoming

by Carlene Havel  US United States

April 21, 2013   |    3,227 reads    |   4 comments

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A Hero's Homecoming - Book Image Did Not LoadWhen Colonel rich Martino returns home from overseas, his world is upside down. His credit cards are invalid, his wife is MIA, and a stranger is living in his house. He keeps running into people who are surprised he’s alive. Is it any wonder he has a hard time trusting the psychologist who claims to be the guardian of his comatose father’s estate? How does a man find his way home when he doesn’t believe in God?

About The Author

I've lived in several states and two countries outside the United States. I went to school for a very long time and finally got a B.A. in English. I'm married. I haven't replaced the cat who died (at age 17). In 2005 I became a Christian--that is to say, a true believer in Jesus Christ--and started writing.

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Carlene Havel writes a spectacular story with twists and turns galore. The idea of returning from war only to find your life has 'vanished', and you no longer know whom you can trust. Jolting! Keep up the fantastic work, Ms. Havel!

Our military deserve a break, but this guy didn't get one. He came home to one problem after another. Some of his training helps him, and then he finds Christ, and He really helps him. This is a good book.

I enjoyed this book and the writing style of Ms Havel. She paints interesting characters in remarkable situations.

I really appreciate everyone's comments. Writers l-o-v-e it when someone enjoys our book!

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