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Blessed with Ducks

A story for all ages, enjoying a family of mallard ducks from birth to flying back into the wild!
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December 21, 2022  |  282 views

Blessed with Ducks. Book by Tristan Mowrey. Book coverA true story for all ages of how eight crazy, yet amazing, mallard ducks, came into our world. God blessed us with these beautiful creatures during a difficult time and seeing them every morning brought a smile and heart-felt joy to my wife and me every day we had them.

I hope that after you read and experience this story you will be filled with joy just as we were.

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I always dreamed of writing a book, but life always seemed too hectic. Only when God made a path for me was I able to write multiple books that he wanted me to write. Every one of my books is a nonfiction personal true story of my life. Personal true stories are the best to write about because I can be highly detailed with the feelings and in turn, you will be able to feel these feelings and...

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