Image Did Not Load!This directory of children's books includes a variety of titles and topics that fits all kids of all ages. If you are looking for a great educational book, a good story, adventure, tale or a picture book, you will find it on this list. These books were written and illustrated by talented authors and artists to bring a real good value to the young readers.
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What is an adventure without a best friend? Mila, a young inquisitive monkey, loves exploring. Finally, while her mother and father are sleeping, she finds the chance to do so alone. However, as Mila soon learns, exploring on your own can be a little scary and rather lonely. Wallace loves having mud baths and is having an amazing wallow when he is rudely interrupted by this mischievous little monkey.


Mila & Wallace (book) by Bonnie de Beer
by / US United States

The second book in the children’s fantasy series - Max Hamby. Max Hamby’s story continues, but this time he is joined by Milo Jenkins. The battle between good and evil has just begun.
Oxworth Pitt destroyed Max’s home and trapped his mother in the Shadowstone with a three hundred year old witch.


Max Hamby and the Emerald Hunt (book) by Kathy Cyr
by / US United States

The third book in the children’s fantasy series - Max Hamby. The battle at Dunmere is over, the first two stones have been found and Milo is safe. But, Milo’s mom and grandma are now trapped with Max’s parents in the Shadowlands. They will fade away and cease to exist unless the other stones can be found.


Max Hamby and the Onyx Eyes (book) by Kathy Cyr
by / US United States

Bonedread has escaped and he's on a mission to get paid one way or another. The first order of business is to auction off Celadine and get as much money as he can for the elder dwarf's daughter. Max, Milo and the twins cannot leave Merrihaven and are being closely guarded by an army of pixies.


Max Hamby and the Faeryn Cross (book) by Kathy Cyr
by / GB United Kingdom

Today is the day Baby Guillemot must leave his nest in the cliffs, but he is scared, it’s such a long way down! Luckily Baby has such a caring and supportive family, who can be there for him every step of the way.


I'm a Guillemot, so what? (book) by Stef Rzysko
by / CA Canada

En Español! Toni sólo desea una cosa: terminar 6to grado en su nueva escuela sin que sus amigos descubran que su familia está loca... ¡y tiene un zoológico en el sótano! Cuando la niña más popular de la escuela insiste en que Toni dé una fiesta de pijamas, el sueño de Toni de tener una vida normal se ve seriamente amenazado.


Fiesta de pijamas en el zoológico (book) by Brenda Kearns
by / SE Sweden

“I tell my story not because it is unique, but because it is not. It is the story of many girls” states the winner of Nobel prize, Malala Yousuf Zai, a ‘symbol of what it means to stand up for your rights’, whose hardwork, courage and strive to win is globally acclaimed.


Malala's Mission For The World (book) by Aida Zaciragic
by / US United States

Over 500 jokes for kids, including hundreds of knock-knock jokes, fun facts, and tricky tongue-twisters that will crack up the entire family. This book is perfect for the young comedian and great for family gatherings or those long, boring car rides. A quick way to liven up the mood!


500+ Jokes, Tongue-Twisters, & Fun Facts For Kids! (book) by J.J. Wiggins
by / US United States

In ITCHY, Jack Horner likes to sit in his corner as the pharmacist at the Far, Far Away Drug Store. But suddenly he finds himself in the middle of a crisis. Rapunzel has head lice, and the enchantress who holds her prisoner tells Jack he MUST find the cure.


Itchy: The Story of Rapunzel (book) by Karleen Tauszik
by / IE Ireland

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I had to explain to my young children in a simple way what was happening. While I didn't want to frighten them, I wanted to keep them in the loop. I feel when you are honest everything is more bearable. For them this just became another event in their lives.


Explaining to kids: Mammy has breast cancer (book) by Yvonne Crawley


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