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Counteract the Fat

Discover how Fiber and Antioxidants can Counteract the Physiological Effects of Junk Food – a Nutrition, Diet, Health, Weight and Cholesterol Control Book Based on Scientific Studies
by DeShond A Barnes  US United States

April 13, 2022   |    745 reads    |   0 comments

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Counteract the Fat by DeShond A Barnes. Nutrition, Diet, Health, Weight and Cholesterol Control. Book coverCounteract the Fat offers healthy individuals a viable alternative to severely restrictive eating habits that stands alone as an informative, research-backed contribution to the field of dietary science. In Counteract the Fat, the author compiles groundbreaking research findings that show how fiber and antioxidants can mitigate the risk from eating saturated fats and other junk foods. What this means is greater freedom and a wider variety of food choices for healthy individuals.

With easy-to-understand language, Counteract the Fat explains how fiber and antioxidants can help stave off cellular damage, illness and obesity even in a non-severely restrictive diet. Counteract the Fat is perfect for healthy adults with no history of debilitating illnesses who would like to maintain their health without sacrificing their favorite indulgences. Counteract the Fat uncovers groundbreaking discoveries made by scientists at more than a dozen world-class institutions. For example, James W. Anderson, M.D., along with his colleagues at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine conducted research on the ability of a special type of fiber (obtained only from a certain source) to promote healthy cholesterol levels all by itself – even in a diet containing moderate amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol. You will learn more about that and numerous other groundbreaking discoveries in Counteract the Fat.


About the Author

DeShond A Barnes has practiced the revolutionary Counteract the Fat methodology since the late 1990's with incredible results.

By consuming a daily diet containing 100% of the RDA for fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients, Barnes has been able to maintain excellent blood cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and body weight over the decades without having to sacrifice... View DeShond A Barnes Profile

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