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Daughter of the King

by Carlene Havel  US United States

April 20, 2013   |    5,056 reads    |   6 comments

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Daughter of the King (book image did not load)Princess Michal was the youngest daughter of ancient Israel's first king. More than thirty centuries ago, she fell in love with and married a hero named David.  When Michal helped David escape from her insane father, King Saul punished her by giving her to another man. Years after being banished, the Princess became a pawn in negotiations between Judea and Israel. She was shattered to learn her family was wiped out. Michal’s dream is to have a son who will succeed her husband as King of Israel.  However, there are other royal wives who are equally ambitious. The Princess’ faith, patriotism, and love for David must sustain her through war, infidelity, madness, abuse, and betrayal.

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This book is an excellent story about Princess Michal and her relationship with King David. The research is phenomenal, and the story twists have given possible answers for questions I'd had. I recommend this book any day of the week. Keep up the fantastic work, ladies.

Initially, the stunning cover art drew me to Daughter of the King, but the strength of the story kept me captivated. Against a vibrant backdrop of sights and sounds, Princess Michal--daughter of King Saul--recounts the passionate love she shared with David on his journey from shepherd to King of Israel. My heart soared when Princess Michal married her true love, and then shattered when she was forced to share her husband with the other palace wives and concubines. But for better or worse, she honored her marriage to David, the husband of her youth. Steadfastly, Michal believed the pain of loneliness did not compare with the glory of loving a king with a heart after God's own. I recommend this book to all readers who have a love for scripture and a yearning for romance. Well done, Carlene and Sharon.

This is a very good book. I stayed up to three in the morning reading. You will not be disappointed if you get any of Ms. Havel's books.

This is a historical and accurate theologically. It's interesting to see how women lived during Old Testament days. Saul, the King gives his daughter as a prize to marriage to David, but she loves him--even to the point of defying her father. Wonderful love story. Don't miss this one!

This is such an interesting story which sends the reader to the Word. Reminds me of The Red Tent.

My heartfelt appreciation to everyone who commented. Authors love it when readers enjoy our books! Thanks also to HumanMade for providing this lovely website for free interaction between readers and writers.

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