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Disconnected by Abhik Gulati. A life full of dreams, a strange call, pay the right price. Book coverJason, a used to be basketball prodigy, lives with Ben, a used to be musical genius, and a slacker Tim. Trying to build up a reputation in university, both Jason and Ben, went to extreme ends of partying and lost focus of their lives. While their roommate Tim tried to warn them of the dangers, nothing stopped them until they were on the verge of being expelled from the university.

One night Jason and Ben, both heavily drunk and celebrating their last days there, got an idea to relive their old memories of when they first came to that university. Still intoxicated, they started prank calling late night businesses. When they decided to give up on their act, Jason suggested one more call wouldn’t hurt. They ended up calling a networking business ran by an old man claiming to have solutions to all of their problems at ‘the right price’.

Following the man’s advice things start to go right and beyond comfortable. But what is the actual price both of them have to pay?


Author's Notes

I wrote DISCONNECTED for an online contest back in September of 2021.

I wrote this title in two weeks and two days, no more no less. While it had been an experience, given the contest deadline, I felt the plot to be a bit rushed, even though my expression and perception were on point. Alas, a mindset of ‘I need to write it and it will be written no matter what!’

Now after revising a few snippets, I feel the outcome remains true to the original plot while keeping the changes subtle and a bit more in flow. Also, I worked on the art and improved the cover and overall feel of the book so it can reciprocate the story in the way it should’ve been from the beginning.

Hope you enjoyed this one. Lookout for the upcoming one…

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Just your average writer and artist wandering around the block. Interested mostly in mystery and horror genre. Have something to talk about? Feel free to drop a message.

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