Eorþe (War of the Whiskered Ones)

Volume 1
by Noor Ashour US United States
August 19, 2017

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Eorþe (War of the Whiskered Ones) - Book coverEorþe (War of the Whiskered Ones #1) is a fantasy story about the odd journey of a teen girl named Ellina. It all began when she and her kitten, Kailo, were wandering around the peaceful forest nearby. To their surprise, the path they took led to a hidden portal leading to another world. Land of the Forgotten, the supposed name of the realm, was a place where magic never failed to enchant you and whimsical species resided peacefully. It was where Ellina and Kailo find new friends and places one would not even think of.

That is, until a dark ruler brought unthinkable misfortunes."

Author's Note: 

May contain some stuff about depression and self-harm. Stay safe!

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