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Evidence Not Seen

by Carlene Havel  US United States

October 23, 2016   |    2,368 reads    |   0 comments

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Evidence Not Seen (book) by Carlene Havel. Romance. Book coverJeff Galloway is a successful young attorney, recently dumped by his ambitious girlfriend. Despite his professional achievements, questions from the past haunt him. His father has been in prison for almost 30 years, and his mother doesn’t want to talk about what happened. Then Jeff happens to run into Melanie, a soft-hearted idealist who wants to change the world.

As Jeff begins to realize Melanie is the girl of his dreams, she tries to help him forgive his father’s long absence. Jeff cannot resist investigating a question that has bothered him for years. If his father didn’t take the money, who did?

Author's Note: 

My publisher challenged me to write a story based on one of the verses from I Corinthians, Chapter 13. I chose "Love keeps no record of wrongs", sometimes translated "Love thinketh no evil". I started thinking about love, forgiveness, and old wounds, and voila!

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