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by Rod Little / US United States

It's not the end of the world - it's the start of something new. At world's end, 98% of the population has disappeared. Two boys with extraordinary powers gather the last survivors to find clues to the vanishing, while searching for alien artifacts and fending off mutated creatures: giant lizards, spiders and other creatures are battling for the remaining food supply, with the humans caught in the middle.


Earthweeds - Book cover
by Geoffrey Angapa / ZA South Africa

The Quest of the Golden Apple is something of a fairy tale or a traditional fantasy. Having a fair share of wonders and a fair bit of travel, it follows the adventure of Geoffrey and the Dragon.


The Quest of the Golden Apple - Book cover
by Paz Ellis / US United States

Meet Finnegan MacManus, or just “Finn” as he prefers to be called. His life began when he was 18 years old. He was born 18 years earlier, but he had never truly lived. Since birth he had been different and his parents were indifferent toward him. His mother never bonded with her infant son. He never cried or smiled. As he got older he would scream and throw his arms around when something did not go his way.


Just Finn - Book cover
by JR Thompson / US United States

BRADY CLARK'S FAMILY chooses horrible timing for their first camping trip—a night when a fierce storm leaves them stranded in the woods. Circumstances that leave him running around in the forest wearing, well, let's just say less than appropriate attire cause him to unleash his anger by physically assaulting his father. Not yet ready to face the discipline he has coming, Brady makes false allegations against both of his parents.


Revenge Fires Back - Book cover
by David K Scholes / AU Australia

The book comprises a collection of fast paced, action packed, science fiction and science fantasy stories. The lead story “Human Hunter” is based on a story arc pod cast on the Beam Me Up Pod cast site during 2014/15. To acquire an alien artifact an Earth organization courts disaster by illegally employing Xelk human hunters.


Human Hunter and Other Science Fiction Stories - Book cover
by Martin Roy Hill / US United States

Meet William Butcher, aka The Butcher, former Navy SEAL, now a disgraced ex-NCIS agent. Those who stole $9 billion in cash from Iraq want him dead. The cops want him for murder. Butcher's only hope is his former NCIS colleague and closest friend, Linus Schag. Torn between loyalties, Schag walks a thin line between doing his job or betraying his friend.


The Butcher's Bill - Book Cover
by Astrid Lee Miles / US United States

Rape is a big deal. This Chick Lit is a first-person perspective of a girl that has gone through abuse and rape. As her life is in the deepest pit thus far, she is given an opportunity to make it better. The problem is, a change of scene does not make life all better. Olivia now has to figure out how to keep a will to live when it no longer seems worth it. Anytime she feels as though life is improving, something happens to make it seems as though it is not.


Recovering is an Art - Book cover
by Carmen Dominiqu... / ZA South Africa

A Dark Romance Horror with hints of erotica, set in the political and fictional city of New Babylon. "From the moment we're born, we're told we are weak." Weak girls marry for title. Weak girls do as they are told. Ida Blanchefleur is not weak. When her wedding night devolves into a graveyard nightmare, a series of events begins to unfold that carries Ida towards one horrifying decision ...


by Dylan Callens / CA Canada

Carl Winston awakens to find his son, Liam, screaming with fear. Trying to understand why, Carl tries to soothe him. Neighbors gather in front of Carl’s apartment to help – until they see him. The crowd cowers back, afraid of this monster. Carl runs. His life of luxury is ripped away. Forced beyond the city limits, Carl sees a land bereft of life.


by J.D. Stonebridge / US United States

A childless couple, Sarah and Carl Hartley, become witnesses to a car accident along Pilgrims Highway. As the baby girl who they pulled out from the burning car grows up, they learn that little Charlene 'Charlie' Hartley is more special than they expected. From a very young age, Charlie developed a surprising ability to move items without touch. Seventeen years later, Charlie was already on her way to Harvard when she encounters an incident forcing her to use her hidden telekinetic powers.


The Unlocked - Book cover


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Trust Issues

Trust Issues - Book cover
by Carolyn King