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by Lee-Ann Graff Vinson / CA Canada

When Sean surprises Callie with a face-to-face meeting, the flame initially ignited via web cam engulfs them both in a fiery sexual weekend neither one of them will ever forget. Sean strips away any misgivings Callie has about meeting a man over the internet ...


Callie's Fate
by Steven Lytton / GB United Kingdom

A nail biting political thriller, Great Britain in the not too distant future, lawlessness and hopelessness in society have turned the inner cities into no go areas made up of ghettos where ruthless criminals rule the streets while facing no consequences for their actions, a new and controversial government is elected, crime rates are dropping and control is being reinstated ...


Respect 2020
by Jack Finch / GB United Kingdom

Jaw dropping book. Where teenagers cheat on death and death gets his own back on them it's a very brutal story and bloody.

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One Wrong Movement - Part 1
by John B. Rosenman / US United States

Rachel is happily married and has a rewarding job helping people as a social worker. Then she contracts a mysterious disease which causes everyone, including her husband, to fear and shun her. Soon her body starts to change in terrifying ways, and people hint and whisper of some horrible, ...

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The Blue of Her Hair, the Gold of Her Eyes
by Steven Lytton / GB United Kingdom

A gritty, hard hitting, novel that follows the life of Newcastle bar owner and door security provider Peter Stanton as he is under attack from an unknown enemy, his quest to find out who is behind his troubles drags him into a murky underworld of drugs, child prostitution ...

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Smoke Without Fire
by Martin Pond / GB United Kingdom

A collection of short stories, a series of twist endings, and one author's dark steps back into writing ...
A teenage boy waits to take a sinister test he may or may not pass; a new father hears a strange voice on his daughter's baby monitor; a poisoner's best-laid plans go terribly astray;


Dark Steps
by Anne H. Petzer / CZ Czech Republic

Zvonek 08 Feline Intelligence Czech Republic Zvonek 08 is a feline fantasy series. It is a set of short stories, new volumes out approximately every 3 months, with the same characters. The characters are all cats who live and work in an area of Prague known as Strašnice ...

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Zvonek 08 Feline Intelligence Czech Republic
by Paul Janeway / US United States

Charlie Johnson is your typical 13-year-old kid, whose favorite pastime is hunting for mysteries at the library. One day, Charlie finds a book that reveals a secret about his very own town of Dragon Falls. While investigating the mystery, Charlie’s conversation with an Indian member of the community leads to the discovery of Roskoff, the dragon of Dragon Falls ...


Dragon Eye Connection
by M. L. John / US United States

In a suburban town twenty minutes from the border of Faerie lives a young woman named Karen MacGregor. Though she is the daughter of an exiled Faerie princess, Karen leads an unremarkable life full of homework, punk rock and old science fiction movies.


Lady of the Veils
by A.E. Mayer / US United States

You might imagine the Collision that catapulted magical creatures to Earth would make every moment miraculous. But jobs were just as dull, and life could be just as boring. Traffic still stunk, only now with dragon Flyways above highways, the stink was worse than ever ...


Temp: An Accidental Fairytale


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Tough Karma: A Race Against Time

Tough Karma: A Race Against Time - Book cover
by Laura Simmons