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Motivated by the dream of becoming the next big thing, Dever, a Brooklyn-based metal band, storm their way through New York's nightclubs, making themselves known as a force to be reckoned with. Their intense live shows, coupled with their prowess of combining classic and contemporary elements of rock attract an ever-growing fan base with each concert ...


Blinded by the Sun
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I was living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere--not a lot of options in life at the time. I found an old magazine in the cabin, read it and decided to submit my own story. The magazine was so old that the editor had long since moved on but, fortunately, the new editor responded. I then received a letter from an agent, Bijou ...

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Rancho Alviso
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A child born of prophecy, Rhomodus has lived his entire life care free and happy in the city of Nadia with his family. As he comes of age the night of his twenty-first birthday, his world is turned upside down. Rhomodus must quickly learn that he has been chosen by the gods to fore fill a prophecy nearly a thousand years written before his time ...


RHOMODUS BOOK I 'The Awakening' Story of The Untold King
by / VE Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of

Northern Kuwait 1991 during the Persian Gulf War. Peter Donovan, lieutenant in the US Army, commanding a group of soldiers; walks into an ambush in the Iraqi desert and as a result a massacre occurs. There he finds an amulet that he puts in his pocket without knowing that it contains a hidden power; and because of it, has his first terrifying encounter ...

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The Evil Visitor
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Follow the gripping tale of single mother Jenna Tate as she discovers that she is a descendant of an entity called The Lady Jenna Whitehair, who has existed in various incarnations in a parallel world called Kamilon ...


Kwidatz: The Chronicles of Jenna Whitehair
by / AU Australia

My name was Bethany Trent and at age twenty three years, six months, four days and ten minutes I ceased to exist. Don’t misunderstand, I didn’t die, I won’t die for an eternity by human standards, instead I was removed from everything that used to be my life ...

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Vampiris Sancti: The Vampire
by / US United States

Hitler wants to rule the future by changing the past. In the twenty first century a man, a heretic, wants to cure disease but accidently discovers a portal to a new world. A group of people want to escape the draconian rule of the Thousand Year Reich. The new Nazi regime does not allow escape ...


Parallax, the Time Conspiracy and the Heretic
by / AU Australia

It is the late 1950s — the dawn of the civil rights and women’s movements. The naïve idealism of the children of this era is often at odds with the status quo. Ruth, the only daughter of coffee plantation owners, John and Alice Madison, has gone against her father’s wishes and must now forsake the lush Owen Stanley Ranges of Papua New Guinea for the streets of working-class Sydney ...


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Patrick Stetson left his wife and his home for the grit of the South Bronx. He was determined to make detective and to start a family. Calton “Cal” Johnson just wanted to live in peace in his own little world until he found someone just as lonely as he was ...


Sadist: The Rise
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Elves have mastered four elements that ensure their survival in the harshest of environments; they lie exceptionally well, their preference for the unexpected is constant, they can often hide in plain sight, and if worse comes to worse they can seduce their way into safety.


Vampiris Sancti: The Elf


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The Deprived: Innocent on Death Row

The Deprived: Innocent on Death Row - Book cover
by Steffen Hou