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by Zane Shonforest / US United States

Adventures from the coast of Monterey to the village of Pista in the Southwest: A story of friendship, deceit, revenge ... death and love all in the midst of characters that will capture your imagination and your heart.

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Tumbleweed Logic
by Zane Shonforest / US United States

All Morgan wanted was to find a roof over her head with her oversized canine companion. She found it -having to live under the watchful eyes of a crazy woman while a wave of unexpected life lessons ensued.


A Bible And A Fly Swatter 1977
by Garry E. Lewis / US United States

Come help solve a mystery in the town of Rileyville, as a strange new family has moved to town. Why is that not a good thing? ...

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The Rileyville Mystery
by E. R. Scofield / US United States

In Ouroboros, Adventures in the Matrix, you will meet faeries, ghouls, monsters, androids, and everyday people. This collection of short stories and illustrations takes a look into the dark corners of reality with a sometimes humorous twist.


Ouroboros, Adventures in the Matrix
by E. R. Scofield / US United States

Hitler wants to rule the future. In the twenty first century, a group of people plan to escape the modern Nazi regime, to another world. The Thousand Year Reich does not allow escape. There will be trouble. If you like the "what if" factor, Blasphemer is your next must read.


Blasphemer, the Time Conspiracy and the Heretic
by Robin M. Bellamy / US United States

"Grandma's Brooch" is a heart-warming fiction short story loosely based on the life of Bellamy's great-grandmother. The story is about Grandma Hannah and one of her most precious family heirlooms ...


Grandma's Brooch
by Robin Charles Evans / GB United Kingdom

THE SUMMONING OF THE THREE ... a fantasy tale for teens and adults Lily, a teenage girl, is sailing. An unexpected storm leaves the boat sinking, and she loses consciousness. She awakes in a strange land called Karisia, where she is the Queen ...


The Summoning of the Three
by William Dickson Jr. / US United States

Washington, alone with the F.B.I., are in a frenzy at "The Concerned Citizen" continues to murder politicians in bizarre ways that fit the crimes they committed and have gotten away with! There are no clues except the note he leaves on the body mocking their crime, and then signs it, "The Concerned Citizen!" He doesn't get caught!


The Concerned Citizen
by Susan Fleet / US United States

A twisted killer preys on young women in New Orleans, where everyone has something to hide. Some of the darkest secrets reside in a parish church. Suspense fiction at its best!


by Darlene Frankli... / US United States

When Chippie Pablo’s poor Mexican father and White middle-class mother married, they defied the conventions of 1950’s rural Appalachia, stirring up racial and social tensions. Now, twenty years later, Chippie struggles to understand the rationale behind the prejudice directed toward her family ...


I Listened, Momma


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Emotional Agility

Emotional Agility - Book cover
by Anne Gilmore