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Find Fifty: Cradle Destinies

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by Abhik Gulati  IN India

December 26, 2021   |    255 reads    |   0 comments

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Find Fifty: Cradle Destinies by Abhik Gulati. Book coverDON'T ASK WHY?

Figuring out life in a big city can be hard and tiresome at the same time. After realizing this fact, Shaun Kent, a nineteen-year-old surviving on his own, couldn’t feel the need to push any further.

One day, while walking around in the neighborhood on his day-off, Shaun locates a newly furnished house. Owning to his curious nature, he decides to explore more of the inside. An unknown voice guides him in, but little did he know that everything isn’t as it seems.

Every floor in the house holds an extraordinary adventure accompanied by some uncanny folks. The problem, ‘there is no turning back!’

Following the words of the unknown voice, Shaun embarks on a ‘psychological hunt’ between his inner and outer realities.

Will he be able to escape or fall victim to his own actions?

Take a deep dive into the wild trip and let the adventure unfold! And don’t forget to look in the mirror…

Author's Note: 

Also a big thanks to the music that kept me company during the nights while I was crafting this book. It’s been a journey of processing my expression into words and henceforth giving someone who needs to process it in their own form of actions.

I thoroughly enjoyed the process, from writing to illustrating to putting together the whole idea. Everything went smoothly, and never on any turn did I put the candle down, until I was finally done. The flame is still burning though.

I hope to keep sharing my work with you folks.


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