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From One Small Garden

Over 300 Delicious, Nutritious Recipe

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February 21, 2021  |  2,637 views  |  1 review / comment

From One Small Garden - Book coverThis collection of recipes is the ultimate guide to utilizing fresh fruits and vegetables from backyard gardens to farmer’s markets - the freshest, purest source of food we can draw from.

Loaded with lots of interesting tidbits of historical and nutritional information, this book is more than just a recipe book - it is a way of treating yourself to the healthy, delicious rewards of one small garden...


Author's Notes

This cookbook (From One Small Garden) honours people who are no longer with us by sharing some of our favourite recipe creations they used to make. These include my grandmother, mother, step-dad, father and parent-in-laws, uncles, aunts... and a number of friends too - many of whom have also passed on. Another of our aims for this book is helping to increase knowledge and enthusiasm by sharing interesting nutritional information, agricultural quirks and historical facts about different foods. We show how to reduce food waste. We show people how easy it is to reduce the need to shop for items encased in packaging, by making it out of ingredients already in their kitchen. We encourage water and energy consciousness in the kitchen, and also promote both gardening and composting. This book will aid frugal-minded, budget-constrained households, while helping to increase the nutritional content of their menu plan.

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