Get Him To Marry You With 12 Steps

by Tiffany Davis US United States
December 18, 2019

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Get Him To Marry You With 12 Steps - Book coverGetting married to a man of your dreams has always been a lifetime goal and achievement for many women. If a couple moves through the entire journey of courtship without proper goals, it is often bound for failure. Courtship and love work hand in hand and must be navigated with care and the right goals in mind to get a relationship moving towards commitment and the final destination of marriage. If you wish to embark on the various stages of courtship and love with success and finally walk down the aisle in quick time, then this is the book you should read as it guides you to explore if you are marriage material or you are turning men off, whether you are meeting the right men at the right places, harbouring realistic expectations of men, how to score on your dates, setting the conversation for marriage to occur, reaching for financial freedom as a couple and planning for your big wedding day!

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Get Him To Marry You With 12 Steps - Book cover
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