Get Him To Propose In 80 Days

Unlock The Secrets To Falling In Love And Make Him Commit To You Forever
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November 20, 2015

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Get Him To Propose In 80 Days (book) by Titania Hudson.FAIRY-TALE MARRIAGES do manifest for some couples fortunate enough to find each other among the crowd of eligible singles teeming in the marketplace. Getting into a relationship that works and keeping a man interested in you boils down to how good you are at flaunting your charms to the fullest. But once a woman starts talking about marriage, every single man begins to panic and looks set to bolt out of the nearest exit!
Why are men hardwired to leave with immediacy at the slightest mention of "Commitment," "Fidelity," and "Marriage?"
Can women motivate them to change their male perspective of marriage in a matter of 80 days, or less than that?
Herein, you will learn interesting "attraction" strategies that will teach you :
* How to meet and date a man who meets your expectations
* How to present yourself in the best light, in terms of personality and beauty
* How to communicate with your guy and assess his compatibility with you as a date and a lifetime partner...
* How to use the "pull" and "push" strategy to make him addicted to you and even beg you to be his girlfriend........
* How to plan innovative dates, indulge in the romance, understand what men think and build steel bonds of love............
* How to make him realize what a great catch you are and how he is such a fool for not marrying you sooner..............
* How to help him overcome his mental barriers to saying 'I do" and let him conclude for himself that the timing is right for marriage.............and much, much more......
Travel the path to a smoother courtship with the dating tips in this book as it walks you through the 3 months of dating with feasible love strategies for convincing the man of your dreams to offer a marriage proposal in quick time.

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