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by / CY Cyprus

A hilarious guide to living in Cyprus. Even if you have no intention of living in Cyprus, get an insight into an extraordinary world of chaos! Written very much ‘tongue in cheek’ to make you laugh. I have included many pictures that depict Cyprus life more than my words can. Make yourself happy, make yourself laugh!


Only in Cyprus - Book Cover
by / US United States

Author Vincent Yanez never planned on working more than a couple of jobs in his life. Unfortunately, he was born with a short attention span and an inability to stay anywhere that annoyed him. The result is iQuit: The Book of Job(s), a snarky look at one man's refusal to put up with anything he found aggravating, disgusting or downright horrifying. Somewhere along the way, Vincent Yanez decided that life was too short to do things he hated.


iQuit: The Book of Job(s) - Book Cover
by / US United States

"Everybody Hates You" is the hilarious new title by author and illustrator John Champlin that will leave you in stitches. Or possibly cause permanent damage to your self esteem. Acerbic wit and satirical artwork combine to poke fun at the trials of growing up.


Everybody Hates You


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