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I Can Fly, Oh So High

Book by Jessy Mills

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March 1, 2018  |  1,221 views  |  0 reviews / comments

I Can Fly, Oh So High - Book coverThis touching going-to-bed book tells about the space adventures of a little boy who had the courage to fulfill his dream and discover space. Beautiful illustrations of cosmic scenes and the funny emotions of the main characters make this a delightful bedtime story.
It raises questions such as –
How can you be creative and brave to reach your goal?
How does it feel to be on your way to Mars?
How do you make a spaceship?
What gift should you take with you?
What does Martian toast look like?
Does the Sun dance?
How to be polite?
The simple words and clear pictures make it a perfect baby book.

About Jessy Mills

US United States

After the birth of her daughter, Jessy dived into children’s fiction and child psychology books. Inspired by her baby, she started to work on child development programs. A journalist by profession, she was always fond of writing. After spending hours reading books with her daughter, she started to write stories straight from her heart. Playful words and funny plots make them entertaining and...

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