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In Absentia

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by Laura Giebfried  US United States

April 23, 2016   |    1,228 reads    |   0 comments

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In Absentia (book) by Laura GiebfriedThere was nothing good that could come of the truth. That -- at least -- holds true for Enim Lund, who finds himself in a psychiatric treatment facility after the events that took place at his boarding school the year before. Overly-watched and highly-medicated, he's supposed to be concentrating on getting better, but the only thoughts running through his mind are how to break out and find his best friend who was accused of crimes that he didn't commit.

Though Enim maintains that he knows what happened, saying as much only makes the psychiatrists watching over him more certain that's he's falling back into his old delusions, and his uncle is positive that he's planning something far more dangerous than he's letting on.

As Enim begins to manipulate the world around him in order to make room for the riddles that he so desperately needs to solve, he realizes that the further he goes to find the answers, the less and less certain he's becoming that he ever really knew what was real and what was not, and what appears to be the truth becomes something that would be better left unsaid.

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