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by / NG Nigeria

Life is the definition we give to it. And so like everything else, failure is the definition you give to it. Failure could be a stepping stone to ones goals if you perceive it to be, it could also be your final bus stop in life if you perceive it to be so.

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by / CA Canada

Twenty-five years ago they bought a homestead, in the middle of Vancouver Island, on the water’s edge. There are still reflections off the small lake at the foot of Mount Benson- of gardens and vineyards and woodland encounters.


by / US United States

SAVING JON – A Mother and Sons Journey – is a 70,000 word memoir. A true story about a mother’s hope in prayer and a boy turned man. In Saving Jon, you’ll get to see a story played out from the stages of generous, heartfelt stuff of life.


by / US United States

This book will show you how far one can fall and still get back up. I have climbed from the pits of hell (with the help of the Good Lord) to reach success. I am now a successful Logistics Manager and Personal Trainer. See how I went to prison multiple times and flirted with death constantly.


by / NG Nigeria

Most people’s disposition and expressions are determined by the circumstances of life, thereby dictating their responses in this life. But you are not ordinary, circumstances and people do not determine who you are. You’re a master in life. You’re born to reign! You are a king over the circumstances of life.


Risk It, Be Different
by / US United States

Six years ago, I lost 50 pounds and have kept it off. So many people asked me how I did it that I felt there was a need that was not being met. I spent hours helping people do what I did. I needed an easier way to help more people, while using less time, so I wrote this book.


Don't Diet! Just Think And Get Thin
by / US United States

Keeping Hearts Fed - Vol. 1 are twenty-five expressions representing life's most contagious and potent influences. These awesome influences are loving, learning and laughing. Keeping Hearts Fed is a tiny book, but its messages are HUGE written by a young at heart with illustrations by a young heart.

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Keeping Hearts Fed - Vol 1
by / NG Nigeria

Do you aspire to be a high-flier? Do you find it hard rising above temporary setbacks? Are you held hostage by inferiority complex? Are you afraid to take a step or afraid of how great you can turn out to be? Are you being criticized negatively when you come up with new and mind-blowing ideas?

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You are a Star
by / US United States

The story of my struggle in overcoming infidelity and the agonizing discovery that my husband was sexually addicted.


Why Can't I Be Enough For You?
by / ZA South Africa

Is there more to life? Is life meant to be predictable, mediocre, and insipid? What does God say about the purpose of my life? Have you ever asked these questions? Well, this book tackles the very same issues ...


The purpose of Purpose